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Syrian army makes many important gains with air support

The Syrian army has made many important gains in many directions with air support, the army's official spokesman Ali Maihub told TASS on Monday.

"Our Armed Forces continue the military operation against terrorist groups with different types of forces. Powerful support from the air goes together with using rocket and artillery weaponry," he said. Mihub added that Syrian army controls several settlements to the north of Hama.

"Many terrorist were killed, many armored vehicles were destroyed, along with ammunition depots in the settlements of Al-Tamana, Sukayk, Tal Sukayk. Five vehicles equipped with machine guns were destroyed, along with three anti-tank guided missiles," he said. Command posts were also destroyed, along with ammunition depots in several settlements. In the east of Sukayk, 20 vehicles used by terrorists were destroyed. Weapons and ammunition abandoned by terrorists were seized by the Syrian army.

"In the north of Latakia province, Syrian Armed Forces took control of the settlements of Kefar, Dalba, Qatf heights and others. They continue the offensive and already control the suburbs of the Salma town. In this direction, command posts of terrorist groups were destroyed," Maihub continued. "In the Aleppo province, army units took under control a large zone and inflicted considerable damages on the Islamic State group," he added.

Maihub noted that targeted strikes were delivered at terrorists' units near the Kuweiris military airport. The Syrian army destroyed command posts there, along with ammunition depots and vehicles equipped with weapons.

"The success that our armed forces have made since the start of the operation, targeted airstrikes and artillery strikes at control systems and command posts of terrorists undermine the spirit of militants," Maihub said. "Many of them go to the Turkish border, where local residents demonstrated in the Idlib province demanding that militants leave the settlements," he added.

Russia launches airstrikes in Syria

At the end of September , Russian Federation Council unanimously granted permission to the Russian president to use the nation's military force in Syria. Russia will use only its Air Force in Syria against Islamic State (IS) and other terrorist groups upon the request of Syrian President Bashar Assad, Kremlin chief of staff Sergey Ivanov said, stressing that no ground troops will be sent.

Russian Aerospace Defense Forces started delivering targeted strikes against IS facilities on Wednesday, September 30. Modernized Su-24M and Su-25 fighter jets are deployed in the aviation unit of Russia's Aerospace Defense Forces formed in Syria, Defense Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov told journalists on Thursday. He stressed that all strikes were made after air reconnaissance and update of data obtained from the Syrian army headquarters. Aircraft armaments were not used to hit civil infrastructure facilities or areas near them.

[Source: Itar Tass, Latakia, 12Oct15]

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Syria War
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