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Russian planes in Syria destroy warehouse containing terrorists' anti-tank weapons

Russia's Sukhoi-25 planes have destroyed a warehouse in Syria's Idlib province containing anti-tank missiles meant for the terrorist group Jabhat al Nusra, Defense Ministry spokesman Major-General Igor Konashenkov has said.

"In the area of Maarat al Nu'man, Idlib province, according to data obtained through the joint information centre in Baghdad, a batch of anti-tank missiles had been delivered to a warehouse several days ago," Konashenkov said, adding that the weapons were addressed to militants for destroying the Syrian troops' advancing armour.

"After this information was confirmed by several other sources a pair of Sukhoi-25 fighter-bombers attacked the target. The warehouse and the stored ammunition was destroyed," Konashenkov said.

Russian air group wipes out Islamic State stronghold 30 km away from Palmira

According to the spokesperson Russia's Sukhoi-24 bomber has wiped out an Islamic State stronghold near the community of Tadmor, 30 kilometers away from Palmira.

"In the area of the community of Tadmor, Homs province, a Sukhoi-24 bomber has destroyed a large stronghold of the Islamic State, a tank in a firing position, an anti-aircraft system ZSU-23 and a mortar battery," Konashenkov said.

"The destroyed stronghold was more than 30 kilometers away from Palmira," Konashenkov said, adding that Tadmor was the largest community in this desert area, so its name was used for convenience to denote the specific location.

"Let me point out that Russian aircraft have been attacking only terrorist targets far away from architectural monuments," Konashenkov said.

It was not the first strike against terrorist forces in the area of Tadmor over the past few days. On Monday, the Defense Ministry said that a Sukhoi-25 fighter-bomber destroyed fortified positions and two ZSU-23 air defense systems.

Russian aircraft destroy terrorist base near Damascus, checkpoints at al-Raqqah

Russian Su-34 bombers have destroyed a base of terrorists near Damascus and checkpoint near the city of al-Raqqah.

"The Su-34 bombers hit two fortified terrorist checkpoints located near the city of al-Raqqah," Konashenkov said.

Russian bomber destroys Jabhat al-Nusra training base in Syria's Deir ez-Zor province

According to the spokesman A Russian Su-34 bomber has destroyed a training base of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist group in Syria's Deir ez-Zor province.

"The Su-34 bomber hit a Jabhat al-Nusra militant training base near the town of al-Muhasan," Konashenkov said adding that the base's facilities and explosives cache had been destroyed.

Russian air force destroys terrorists' repair shops, military hardware in Syria's Aleppo

Konashenkov also said Russian Su-24M bombers have destroyed repair shops and seven pieces of military hardware in Syria's Aleppo province.

"The Su-24M bombers destroyed workshops located in several buildings for the repair of combat hardware of the Islamic State terrorist organization near the airport of Neirob in the Aleppo province," the spokesman said.

"The air bombs that hit the workshops destroyed seven pieces of the armor located inside them," he added.

Earlier in the day Konashenkov said that over the past two days Russian planes flew 81 sorties to hit 263 terrorist targets in Syria's eight provinces.

On Tuesday, the head of the main operations department of Russia's General Staff, Colonel-General Andrey Kartapolov said that since the beginning of the operation in Syria Russian planes flew more than 1,6000 sorties to attack more than 2,000 terrorist targets.

He also said that Russian planes attacked an Islamic State base with an arms cache and command post in a mountain gorge near Damascus.

[Source: Itar Tass, Moscow, 05Nov15]

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