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Syrian commander: Russian airstrikes play decisive role in government forces' achievements

Syria's army has proof evidencing the efficiency of Russian air strikes against terrorist targets, Syrian Brigade General Ali Maihoub said on Friday.

"We have numerous evidence proving the efficiency of Russian air strikes. Massive strikes delivered by Russian warplanes have incurred irreparable losses on international terrorist organizations in Syria, have disrupted their control and financing systems and destroyed their bases and storage facilities," he said.

"This assistance gives our people additional strength in its fight against international terrorism and plays a decisive role in the achievements of the Syrian army," he said. "The Syrian people and army are thankful to Russia for its practical help in the fight against terrorism."

He said the Syrian army was continuing efforts to restore security, exterminate terrorism and establish law and order in the country.

Russia intensified its airstrikes against the Islamic State after ut was reported that the crash of the Russian A321 plane in Egypt wqas caused by a terrorist bomb exploding on board. Russia has involved long-range aviation in its air strikes and has enforced the air grouping deployed in Syria.

The airstrikes stared on September 30 on requiest on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Russia's air grouping involved 69 aircraft, including Su-34 and Su-24M bombers, Su-25 attack aircraft, Su-30SM and Su-27SM3 fighters and Mi-8 and Mi-24 helicopters.

[Source: Itar Tass, Latakia, 20Nov15]

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Syria War
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