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Kremlin says the incident with crashed Russian plane too serious to rush with conclusions

The Kremlin considers it incorrect to talk about any consequences for Russian-Turkish relations after the incident with Russia's Sukhoi Su-24 warplane, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Tuesday.

"It would be wrong now to give any assessments, assumptions or make any conclusions before we get a full picture," Peskov said in reply to a question about the prospects of relations between Moscow and Ankara.

"We have to be patient, it is a very serious incident, but again, without all of the information it is impossible to say anything and it would be wrong."

The Kremlin has no idea if Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov's visit to Turkey, due on Wednesday, November 25 will be canceled.

"Make a phone call to the Foreign Ministry," Dmitry Peskov advised the media, when asked about Lavrov's visit.

According to the spokesman, Russian President Vladimir Putin may voice his reaction concerning the incident with the Su-24 aircraft.

"I did not say that Putin will make a statement at a meeting with the king [Abdullah II the Russian leader is to meet later today], I said that we can assume that this issue will be raised. Perhaps the president will give his assessment," Peskov said.

"We can assume that the president will address this issue in his conversation with the king in any case, that there will be a reaction from the president," he added.

When asked whether one can expect a discussion of the incident with the Turkish side, the Kremlin official said: "You say "with the Turkish side" - so far we have not heard any final statements from the Defense Ministry about the causes of the crash. Let's wait (for clarification of the military department)," the presidential spokesman said.

Media reports on Putin's intent to convene Russia's Security Council not confirmed

The Kremlin spokesman did not confirm reports of the Turkish media that Russian President Vladimir Putin will convene an emergency meeting of the Russian Security Council due to the incident.

"Turkish media are unlikely to be aware when and why Putin convenes an emergency or a regular meeting of the Security Council," Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, adding that for Tuesday only talks with Jordan's King Abdullah II are scheduled for Russian President.

"We'll surely inform you if additional events appear for today or later on in (Russian President's) schedule," Peskov added.

Kremlin knows for sure that downed Russian Su-24 jet was above Syria

Dmitry Peskov said the Kremlin knows for sure that the downed Russian Su-24 jet was above Syria's territory.

"I have nothing to add on the jet to what the Defense Ministry has said," Peskov said.

"The Defense Ministry has not yet named the reason of the plane's crash. We know for sure that the plane was in Syria's air space, above Syria's territory," he added.

He also said the Defense Ministry used the word "presumably" in its statement.

"Before we get any clarifying information, it's impossible to answer this question," Peskov told reporters asking him to comment on the incident.

The Russian Defense Ministry said earlier that a Sukhoi-24 aircraft of the Russian air group had crashed in Syria, presumably, as a result of an attack from the ground. At the moment of the attack the plane was at an altitude of 6,000 meters. The pilots' fate is unclear at the moment. According to early reports both managed to eject themselves.

"Throughout the flight the plane was exclusively over Syrian territory. Objective monitoring data confirm that," the Defense Ministry said.

Meanwhile, the Turkish General Staff said the country's Air Force had attacked a plane that had allegedly violated the country's airspace. According to its statement, the intruder plane had been warned ten times before being attacked by two F-16 fighters of the Turkish Air Force.

[Source: Itar Tass, Sochi, 24Nov15]

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