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Lavrov: it would be U.S. responsibility if it neglects decision of Syria Support Group

Cooperation between the military of the U.S. and Russia is a condition for settlement of humanitarian problems and for truce in Syria, Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told the Munich Security Conference on Saturday.

"The key instrument in settlement of both the humanitarian problem, and the truce problem is establishment of a daily, hourly cooperation and coordination between the U.S. military, leading their coalition, and the Russian Federation's military, since we are working in Syria at the invitation from the Syrian government," he said.

The foreign minister said cooperation with the Russian Federation is important, since Moscow "has certain influence on Damascus."

"The discussion around truce is moving sideways to stopping the Russian Air Force grouping, thus arousing suspicions and giving reasons for regretful thoughts about what could be result of all this Munich work on this document (the Support Group's communique, adopted on February 12), " he said. "If there is no honest daily contacts between the military - in the region, in any other convenient place, from where it is possible to see clearly what happens on the "ground," and from where it would be possible to manage what happens on the "ground," - then nothing will be implemented."

"Contacts between the military are fixed in that declaration (the Group's communique)," the foreign minister said. "If the U.S. 'moves backwards,' it undertakes a colossal responsibility," the foreign minister said.

49% vs 51%

There is a 49% chance to achieve a truce in Syria within a week, Lavrov said.

"Forty-nine percent," Lavrov replied shortly to a question of how high chances are to reach a ceasefire in Syria in line with the agreement reached at the International Syria Support Group talks on February 11.

Germany' Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier was more optimistic, supposing the chance would be about 51%.

[Source: Itar Tass, Munich, 13Feb16]

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Syria War
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