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Syrian Army captures Tayyibah village in eastern Aleppo

At 14:30 local Damascus time, the elite Tiger Forces of the Syrian Arab Army stormed the village of Tayyibah in the eastern countryside of Aleppo province. Reportedly, this offensive was launched from neighbouring village of Jubb al-Kalb which government troops captured yesterday and as such, ISIS fighters lacked sufficient time as to properly entrench the northern gates of Tayyibah village.

However, a group of highly determined ISIS fighters refused to retreat from the village and opted to fight government forces the death. Thus, skirmishes between mutually hostile factions lasted throughout the afternoon hours as government forces attempted to push forward through the farms and buildings that make up Tayyibah. Gradually, Tiger Forces managed to capture 80% of Tayyibah (confirmed) while preliminary reports indicate that the remaining ISIS defenders have fled the village completely (unconfirmed).

Since New Years Eve, the Syrian Arab Army has captured a dozen villages west of Kuweiris Airbase as they continue to push towards the Sheikh Najjar Industrial District on the perimeter of Aleppo city. If government troops succeed in this manuever, they would encircle a large ISIS-held pocket around the Aleppo Thermal Plant. However, ISIS commanders have heavily reinforced the region as to prevent this move.

[Source: By Chris Tomson, Al Masdar News, Tel Aviv, 15Feb16]

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Syria War
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