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Syrian Army repels ISIS attack in Qalamoun, kills top Emir

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) launched, today early morning, a wide-scale offensive on Tishreen Power Plant, located nearly 10 km to the east of Damascus International Airport.

While the group failed to storm the Sayqal Military Airbase (nearly 40 km to the east of Al-Dumair Airbase), the blitz granted ISIS control on the already evacuated Battalion 559 and a deserted checkpoint. This area, once a battlefield between the Syrian Army and Islamist factions, is now completely abandoned.

Activists said the offensive was launched from Beir Qasab and Tal Dakoueh located in the east and southeast of the Power Plant.

ISIS has recently lost two key strongholds in Palmyra and Qaryatayn in eastern Homs.

Yesterday, the Syrian Armed Forces repelled another attack by ISIS fighters on Regiment 16 near Al-Dumair Airbase, leaving scores dead and wounded.

In the meantime, an ISIS-affiliated brigade attacked Army outposts outside the town of Dumair, drawing a heavy response from the Army's artillery.

A Syrian airstrike killed the Domair-based ISIS Emir in Qalamoun, Ibrahim al-Naqrash, along with 12 of his men

The skirmishes have been taken advantage of by the Saudi backed Army of Islam (Jaysh Islam) who controls considerable parts of the town. Heavy clashes then broke out between the two anti-government factions.

[Source: By Zen Adra, Al-Masdar News, Tel Aviv, 05Apr16]

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Syria War
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