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Russian airstrike destroys bridge on the rebel supply road to Aleppo city

45 minutes ago, a Russian airstrike destroyed the al-Shuqqaif bridge on the Castillo road, north of Sheikh Maqsoud district.

The Castillo road is otherwise protected by large dirt piles on either side; however, the al-Shuqqaif bridge (located at the Castillo roundabout) is exposed from the air.

The destruction was observed by reconnaissance units of the Syrian Arab Army's (SAA) Tiger Forces in northern Aleppo who informed Al-Masdar News of the event.

Subsequently, rebel forces will have to improvise heavily to bring in supplies, new arms and ammunitions for insurgents inside rebel districts of Aleppo city.

The Castillo road represents the only supply route to the provincial capital of Aleppo and a vital lifeline for the Syrian Opposition in Syria's largest city.

The Tiger Forces are yet to begin a highly anticipated ground offensive to cut off the Castillo road; however, Major General Suheil al-Hassan is preparing the final plans for the risky undertaking.

300,000 civilians live in rebel areas inside Aleppo city, while more than a million live in government-held suburbs.

[Source: By Chris Tomson, Al-Masdar News, Tel Aviv, 31May16]

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