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Syrian Army prepares for large-scale offensive in northern Latakia

The recent jihadist assault in northern Latakia has prompted the Syrian Arab Army's High Command to make preparations for a large-scale counter-offensive that will concentrate on seizing the Turkish border.

According to a source from the Desert Hawks Brigade (Liwaa Suqour Al-Sahra), their forces are now fully deployed to the northern Latakia countryside after spending one month at the border of the Al-Raqqa Governorate.

The Desert Hawks and Syrian Marines are expected to lead this offensive, while the Russian Air Force backs them up with airstrikes along the Turkish border in order to obstruct the main supply routes for the jihadist rebels.

However, the Syrian Armed Forces do not have much time to launch this offensive because the jihadist rebels will likely fortify their positions inside Kinsibba and its nearby villages in the coming days.

As long as the Syrian Arab Army maintain control over Jabal Al-Rous, they will be in position to launch a counter-offensive against the jihadists.

If they were to lose Jabal Al-Rous, then they will have to take the defensive around Salma because they will have once again lost the high ground to the jihadist forces.

[Source: By Leith Fadel, Al-Masdar News, Tel Aviv, 01Jul16]

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Syria War
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