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Russian diplomat says concept of Syria's moderate opposition has failed

The phantom concept of the so-called moderate opposition in Syria has actually failed, with protest movements being subjugated by armed extremism backed from outside the country, Russian Permanent Representative to the United Nations Vitaly Churkin said on Friday.

The diplomat reminded that at Syria's request Russia is helping to rebuff terrorists "gushing into the country from everywhere to help do away with the legitimate government" as they have been instructed. "It did not take long for armed extremism to subjugate protest movements" in Syria, he said. "These phenomena bound together with extensive financial, material and propaganda support from outside. The phantom concept of the Syrian moderate opposition has actually failed," Churkin stressed.

According to the Russian diplomat, the conflict in Syria stemmed from unreflecting foreign policy "of certain international and regional players who decided one day to change government in Damascus and dramatically reshape the region's political, ethno-religious and economic map."

"We consider it as a present-day aggressive form of colonialism," he said.

Russia, in his words, is exerting "colossal effort" to stop the war in Syria and have the Syrian begin direct talks about the future political system in their country. It is also sparing no effort to offer humanitarian assistance to Syria's population. He called for the swift resumption of the intra-Syrian dialogue, adding that a six-month break in the talks "due to unpreparedness of Syria's diffused opposition for a meaningful discussion" is "unaffordable exuberance."

"We hope for a more active position of the United Nations' brokerage," he underscored.

Churkin reminded of the most topical task of forming a "really global anti-terrorist coalition on the basis on international law," which is worth of being discussed by all United Nations member countries, including at the General Assembly.

[Source: Itar Tass, United Nations, 09Dec16]

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Syria War
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