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Syrian Army repels first ISIS assault on T-4 Airbase, prepares for a second wave

On Monday, militants of the so-called "Islamic State of Iraq and Syria" (ISIS) launched a powerful assault on the strategic T-4 (Tiyas) Military Airport in east Homs countryside striking northern and eastern perimeter of this military installation.

A military source at T-4 Airbase told Al-Masdar News that prior to the main attack itself the terror group threw two VBIEDs (vehicle-borne improvised explosive device) at Syrian Arab Army's positions trying to breach their defenses. Entrenched soldiers managed to destroy both car bombs before they could reach their intended destination.

Soon after the VBIED attack, ISIS terrorists stormed the SAA's defensive perimeter attacking in large numbers. As a result, violent clashes erupted between two sides that lasted till noon. After several hours of non-stop fighting, the government troops were able to repel the assault forcing the militants to withdraw to their initial positions.

Key role in thwarting this powerful attack belongs to Russian Air Force, whose fighter jets and attack helicopters were relentlessly targeting ISIS movements all over the battlefield. Dozens of ISIS terrorists were killed as a result.

Having returned to their initial positions, ISIS jihadists continued shelling territory of the airbase with artillery and mortar shells. In the meantime, no clashes have been reported in the afternoon since the first assault had been repelled.

Nevertheless, it is clear that ISIS prepares a second assault attempt as the terrorists still hold the positions north and east of the airbase.

The upcoming night will be crucial for SAA, because ISIS militants will undoubtedly try to attack again, and the second assault can well be more powerful and violent than the first one. Should the SAA withstand this attack, the situation will improve significantly as reinforcements from "Qalamoun Shield" brigade and Golan Regiment are already heading towards the airbase.

With Palmyra fallen into ISIS hands, T-4 Military Airport once again becomes the main government forces' stronghold in eastern Homs.

[Source: By Ivan Yakovlev, Al-Masdar Al-'Arabi, Tel Aviv, 12Dec16]

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Syria War
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