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Syrian ambassador to the UN discloses names of foreign intelligence agents remaining in east Aleppo

Syrian ambassador to the UN, Dr. Bashar Al-Ja'afari, made a statement after the UN Security Council had approved a new resolution on Aleppo.

Among other things, Al-Ja'afari explained the reason why certain UNSC members were pushing so hard to pass this resolution which provides for the access of UN monitoring group to the largest Syrian city.

According to him, Syrian government possess information about foreign military intelligence officers who are still inside the remaining jihadist-held pocket in the eastern part of Aleppo. And the main purpose of the resolution, as Syrian authorities believe, is to allow those foreign agents and advisers a safe passage out of the besieged area, along with the jihadists they were training.

The full list of those who were mentioned by Al-Ja'afari is as follows:

  • Murtaz Oglacan Oglu, a Turkish national;
  • David Scott Winner, an American national;
  • David Schlomo Aram, an Israeli national;
  • Muhammad Sheikh Al-Islam Al-Tamimi, a Qatari national;
  • Muhammad Ahmad Al-Sabyan, Abd Al-Monaem Fahd Al-Hrej, Ahmad bin Nawfal Al-Drej, Muhammad Hassan Al-Subay'i, Qassem Saad Al-Shummari, Ayman Qassem Al-Tha'libi - all Saudi nationals;
  • Amajd Qassem At-Tyrawi, a Jordanian national;
  • Muhammad Al-Sharifi Al-Idrissi, a Moroccan national.
[Source: By Ivan Yakovlev, Al-Masdar Al-'Arabi, Tel Aviv, 20Dec16]

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