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Syria - Ukraine: Sinister Connection

Shaun Walker, a British journalist, visited Ukraine in July to highlight the situation in the east of the country. He shared his impression in his article published by The Guardian.

Actually, Walker did not say anything new about Muslim battalions fighting alongside the forces of Ukraine's regime; he just confirmed again the fact that there is a close link between Ukrainian nationalists and Islamists united in the fight against their common enemy - Russia. The Dzhokhar Dudayev and Sheikh Mansour battalions came to Ukraine last spring. The units are manned by foreign citizens mainly coming from the member-states of the European Union. According to the Ukraine's laws still in force, the «Muslim battalions» are illegal armed formations. Their fighters are felons «who act in collusion as a criminal group to commit two or more premeditated murders».

After lawlessness prevailed over the rule of law in Ukraine (that's what was the main reason to make people rise against the regime in Donbass, the eastern part of Ukraine, where armed groups going on a rampage has become a daily routine. It is not perceived as something unusual anymore. The gang of armed Islamists is formally called the Dzhokhar Dudayev International Peacekeeping Battalion.

Denmark was the first country where the formation of «Muslim Battalion» was announced. It was stationed on the territory of Ukraine to wage a terrorist war against Russia. The announcement was made in early March 2014, a week after the coup in Kiev. The creation of the unit was initiated by the organization called Free Caucasus, which on March 3, 2014 made public its full support of Euromaidan and the new government of Ukraine. It called upon «all the democratic countries of the world to unite against the Russian evil empire». The battalion was led by Isa Munayev, the head of Free Caucasus. The terrorist leader said, »Any enemy of Russian Federation is automatically my friend».

He died in the battle for Debaltsevo in February 2015. Adam Osmayev, a 34-year- old son of a rich man who made his fortune in oil business, headed the battalion after the death of Munayev. Munayev was sent to fight the "Russian evil empire" from Denmark. Great Britain served as a launching base for Osmayev. The current commander of Dzhokhar Dudayev lived there for a long time (from 1994 to 2001). Graham Phillips wrote that Osmayev «should be placed on a list of wanted terrorists in the UK».

But Great Britain does not do it. Perhaps the British need him for their own purposes. According to Graham Phillips, he travelled to Odessa, Ukraine, on a false passport in 2012. There, during the rule of Yanukovych, he was apprehended for his part in terrorist activities. The new Ukrainian rulers freed him in November 2014. According to his own words, he was released from prison late last year to get to the frontline in Debaltsevo «within a day or two».

Adam Osmayev told Shaun Walker that is trying to entice Chechens away from fighting in Syria (according to estimates, 200-1000 Chechens are fighting there in the ranks of anti-government forces). «If the Ukrainians made the right conditions they would come here instead». The activities to create «the right conditions» are on the way.

According to Walker, the Sheikh Mansur battalion has a more overtly Islamistbent. Its commander, who would give his name only as «Muslim», did not hide the fact that he belonged to the North Caucasian terrorist underground movement which carried out a number of horrific terror attacks such as the Nord-Ost theatre siege in October 2002 and the Beslan school massacre in September 2004. Muslim said he twice crossed the border between Ukraine and Poland illegally when he went to meet Munayev.

Today the Sheikh Mansur battalion already has seasoned warriors in its ranks who got combat experience in Syria fighting with the opposition against the government. The Syria-Ukraine linkage is becoming a sinister connection. There had been 2 million Christians in Syria (around 10% of the whole population) before the war. The militants unleashed real terror against them. The death toll among Christians is estimated in thousands, people are burnt alive and crucified, the terrorists cut their heads off... The world turns a blind eye on it. Christendom is dying out in Syria.

The Syria-Ukraine connection has not come to light as yet but there are many reasons to believe that it's a part of grand project. Nowadays the armed gang called «the Chechen battalion named after Sheikh Mansour» operates in the Donbass. It shares the barracks with Pravy Sector, the Ukraine's extremist organization. The Ukrainian regime is gathering anti-Christian militants from all the corners of the world: Islamists, ultra-nationalists, racists, and neo-Nazi. And it's just a beginning…

[Source: By Vladislav Gulevich, Strategic Culture Foundation, Moscow, 11Aug15]

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