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Gdeim Izik group's trial: unfair sentences to life imprisonment against 8 of them and 290 years in prison against the remaining

The Court of Appeal in Salé (Morocco) issued a unfair sentence on Tuesday after 31 hearings of the trial of the Saharawi political prisoners, known as Gdeim Izik group, similar to military sentence issued on 17 February 2013 by the Military Court of Rabat (Morocco) against 24 human rights defenders and Sahrawi political detainee, According to the Executive Bureau of the Collective Sahrawi Human Rights Defenders (CODESA).

Acoording to the same source, the court sentenced to life imprisonment Ahmed Sbaii, Abdallahi Lajfawni, Mohamed Bachir Boutangiza, Sidi Abdalla Abbah, Brahim Ismaili, Mohamed Bani, Sidahmed Lamjaid, Sidi Abdljalil Larussi.

30-year prison terms against Annama Lasfari, Banga Sheikh and Mohamed Bourial.

25-year jail terms against Al-Husein Azzawi , Mohamed Mbarek Lafgir, Mohamed Jouna Babit, Hasan Addah, Mohamed Al-Amin Haddi.

20-year prison enforce against Al-Bachir Jadda , Abadallahi Toubali and Mohamed Tahlil.

06-year prison enforce against Deich Daf.

04-year prison enforce against Al-Arabi Al-Bakay.

Abderhman Zaiu and Tagi Mashdufi sentenced to two years in jail, both are followed in a temporary release .

Concerning "Muhammad al-Ayubi", who is also, the court and after separating his file from the other group of detainees of the Gdeim Izik case, the sentence was postponed until the end of the discussion until 27 September 2017 due to health reasons related to his kidney failure, which required him to undergo blood purification for at least 30 days in the hospital.

[Source: Sahara Press Service, Salé, Mar, 19Jul17]

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