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20 July 1997

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London Compromise Agreement on Outstanding Identification Issues

Annex I
Results of the second round of direct talks London, 19 and 20 July 1997


1. The parties agree that they will not directly or indirectly sponsor or present for identification anyone from tribal groupings H41, H61 and J51/52 other than persons included in the Spanish census of 1974 and their immediate family members, but the parties shall not be obligated to actively prevent individuals from such tribal groupings from presenting themselves. The parties agree that identification of any such individuals who may present themselves shall proceed as soon as possible.

2. The parties agree that persons from all other tribal groups from census categories H, I and J may come forward to be identified.

3. The parties agree that the Special Representative of the Secretary-General shall notify the parties of the results by number, but not name, of the identification process to date.

4. The parties acknowledge that, from the time of the original settlement plan, they have understood that credible oral testimony to the Identification Commission would be required, and the parties agree that in the identification process oral testimony will be received and considered by the Identification Commission, as provided for in the settlement plan.


The parties concur that the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) should begin the steps preparatory to the process of repatriation of refugees in accordance with the settlement plan. In addition, they have agreed to cooperate with UNHCR in implementation of the repatriation programme in accordance with UNHCR's normal practice and established principles of repatriation.

[Source: United Nations Security Council, S/1997/742, 24 September 1997]

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