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Write! The task of ending human righs violations seems too daunting at times. Too many horrible things happen in the world. Governments and armed opposition groups kill, torture and persecute too many people. But though we may not be able to cure the world of all its evils, we can make a difference in the life of one person. An old Jewish saying says that "he who saves a life, saves the world entire." You can help save a life by writing a letter.

Sometimes we think that writing a letter cannot possible be enough. Why would a government care what I, so far away, think about what they are doing? But letters have this way of adding up, when many people begin writing about a human rights violation, the government begins to realize that the world cares. If people care, their governments may begin caring as well. So please help us and write a letter.

Actions from the World Organization Against Torture on:

Human Rights Appeals from the Asian Human Rights Commission
On South Asian and other Asian countries.

Jaswant Singh Khalra
This human rights activist in Punjab, India is feared by Amnesty International to be missing or to have been tortured following his arrest by the Punjab police. This press release details his situation, and provides mailing addresses. As recently as Oct. 2, the police still failed to produce Khalra at a hearing.

Iqbal Masih
Iqbal Masih, sold in child bonded labor at only 4 years of age, escaped at 10 and spoke out against child slavery and for freedom and schools for all Pakistani children. At age 12, after winning the Reebok Youth in Action Human Rights Award, Iqbal was murdered.

Human Rights in South Asia
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