Notorious Argentine School of the Americas Graduates

COL Mario Davico 1971, Military Intelligence Officer Course Advisor, Honduran Battalion 3-16, 1980's: One of several Argentinian military advisors present in Honduras during the early 1980's. The Honduran Armed Forces, particularly Battalion 3-16, were taught the "Argentine Method" of extreme repression practiced successfully during Argentina's "dirty war' (1976-1983). Techniques included arbitrary detention, torture, extrajudicial executions, and methods of disposing of the bodies of the victims. (AW:TFS)
GEN Leopoldo Galtieri 1949, Engineer Course Military dictator, 1981-82: Achieved power by means of a violent coup, ousting Roberto Viola, below. (WP, 5/19/94) Galtieri was convicted and sentenced to 12 years in prison for leading Argentina into the disastrous war with Britain for control of the Falkland Islands. He was pardoned, along with 280 other human rights abusers by President Carlos Menem in October 1989. (NYT, 10/12/89)
GEN Roberto Viola 1971, Tactical Officer, Arg. Cadet Course Military dictator, 1981: Achieved power via scheduled change of military rulers. (WP, 5/19/94) In December 1985, Viola was convicted of murder, kidnapping and torture during the "dirty war." (NYT, 10/8/89)

Information researched by Vicky Imerman.

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