Notorious Bolivian School of the Americas Graduates

*Miguel Alvarez Delgado 1977 Joint Operations Links to drug trafficking: Accused in the "Narconavales" case of cashing checks that came from a drug-trafficking ring. The proceedings against him were stayed in 1997. (RAI)
Luis Arce Gómez 1958, Communications Officer
1958, Tactical Officer, Radio Repair
Armed insurrection (convicted), 1980: With Garcia Meza Tejada, Arce Gómez plotted and executed a bloody coup, which occurred on July 17, 1980. (Garcia Meza became "president" and Arce Gómez minister of the Interior.) Prior to the coup, Arce Gómez was in charge of assembling a paramilitary force to overthrow the government. (One of his recruits was Klaus Barbie.) (AW:BTR)
Drug trafficking (convicted), 1989: Arce Gómez, who was declared a fugitive from justice in 1986, was captured by Bolivian police in 1989. With the approval of the Bolivian government, he was handed over to the United States and is currently serving a 30-year sentence in Miami for drug-trafficking. (AW:BTR)
GEN Hugo Banzer Suárez 1956, Motor Officer Course
1988, SOA "Hall of Fame"
1989, Guest Speaker
Military dictator, 1971-78: Achieved power by means of a violent coup. Developed the "Banzer Plan" to silence outspoken members of the Church; the plan became a blueprint for repression throughout Latin America. Also known for sheltering Nazi war criminal Klaus Barbie, "The Butcher of Lyons," and for supporting and collaborating with Garcia Meza's regime. (AJC, 10/30/88; AW:BTR)
*Grover Bilbao Terrazas 1967, Cadet Course Drug-trafficking: Accused and sentenced in the "Narcoavion" case (1995) as a drug supplier. (RAI)
*Luis Caballero Tirado 1993, Curso de Comando y Estado Mayor (0-3)
1990, Psychological Operations O-22
1990, Operaciones de Estado Mayor
Mistreatment of prisoners: When the president of the Human Rights Commission visited the headquarters of UMOPAR (Mobil Rural Patrol Units), he discovered 93 detainees, including two minors and one prisoners with fractured ribs and a punctured lung from being kicked by UMOPAR agents under Caballeros' command. Caballero has also publicly admitted that 40% of the operations carried out under his command involve human rights violations such as excessive use of force. (VDHL)
*Isaac Chavarria Diez de Medina 1968 Cadet Course
1970 Officer Gen. Supply
Drug-trafficking: Primary defendant in the "Narcovinculos" case (1994-6). Died in 1995 in a La Paz jail due to lack of medical attention.
Cpt Gonzalo Cuellar Justinio 1990, General Staff Officer Course Mistreatment of prisoners, 1990: Cuellar Justinio has been charged with illegal detention of prisoners, assault, soliciting pay-offs in exchange for releases, forcing prisoners to sign false confessions. (AIN)
GEN Mario Escobari Guerra 1959, Engineer Officer Course Issuing unconstitutional decrees (convicted) in cooperation with armed insurrection, 1980: Convicted in April 1993 for signing unconstitutional decrees in cooperation with Garcia Meza. (BSC)
*Carlos Fernandez Gonzalez 1961, Military Intelligence Links to drug trafficking: Fernandez Gonzalez was relieved of his position as Undersecretary of the Interior under the government of Lidia Gueiler (1980) due to concrete evidence of his links to drug trafficking. Later he regained his image and was named President of the National Council for the Struggle Against Drug-Trafficking. However, in 1983, he was accused of involvement with the disappearance of 150 kilos of cocaine. He also was relieved of his duties as head of the Special Security Forces of the Ministry of Interior after he was accused of covering up drug-trafficking. (RAI)
Ruben Dario Guzmán Hurtado 1970, Small Unit Warfare Issuing unconstitutional decrees and fraud (convicted) in cooperation with armed insurrection, 1980: Guzmán Hurtado was sentenced in April 1993 on charges related to Garcia Meza's 1980 coup. (BSC)
CPT Carlos Helguero Larrea 1970, Small Unit Warfare Armed insurrection (implicated), 1980: Implicated in cases of murder committed in association with the Garcia Meza coup in 1980. (BSC)
*Pablo Oswaldo Justiniano Vaca 1986, Comando y Estado Mayor Drug trafficking: Primary defendant in the "Narconavales" case, accused of running a drug trafficking ring in the Navy since 1975. Detained in 1995. Also implicated in the exchange of brazilian tin for cocaine in 1989.
*Freddy Lopez Arispe 1962, Infantry Officer Course Illegal arms trafficking: Detained in 1993 on charges of arms trafficking to the ex-Yugoslavia. (RAI)
CPT Tito Montaño Belzu 1970, Small Unit Warfare Armed Insurrection, murder (convicted), 1980: Paramilitarist Montaño Belzu was sentenced (on April 21, 1993) to 30 years in prison for murder, and 20 years for genocide, in connection with Garcia Meza's bloody 1980 coup. (AW:BTR)
SGT Franz Pizarro Solano 1979, Commando Operations Murder of Marcelo Quiroga Santa Cruz: On May 2, 1998, Interpol began an international search for Pizarro Solano, who is suspected of assasinating the Bolivian socialist leader and ex-minister Marcelo Quiroga Santa Cruz on July 17, 1980 during Garcia Meza's coup. Pizarro Solano is reported to have been living and working in Japan for years. (Clarín, May 3, 1998)
COL Avelino Rivero Parada 1977, Joint Operations Issuing unconstitutional decrees (convicted) in cooperation with armed insurrection, 1980: Convicted in April 1993 for signing unconstitutional cooperation with Garcia Meza - Including annulments of democratic elections, abnegation of trade union rights, purging university teaching and administrative staff, illegal purchases of land, vehicles and aircraft for the armed forces, and dismissal and replacement of the Bolivian Supreme Court. Rivero Parada was minister of public health and social security under Garcia Meza. (AW:BTR)
Ltc Freddy Quiroga-Reque 1980, Joint Operations Course Armed insurrection, murder (convicted), 1980: Sentenced (on April 21, 1993) to 30 years in prison for murder in connection with Garcia Meza's bloody 1980 coup (AW:BTR, BSC)
Vice-Admiral Alberto Saenz Klinsky 1973, "O-4" Minister under Garcia Meza: Saenz Klinsky was a member of Garcia Meza's second cabinet, but was never formally charged with issuing unconstitutional decrees. (AW:BTR)
COL Rogelio Vargas 1990, General Staff Officer Course Mistreatment of prisoners, 1990: 240 prisoners were beaten, denied food, forced to stay on their knees for hours on November 7, 1990. (AIN)
GEN Guido Vildoso Calderón 1962, Infantry Weapons and Tactics Military dictator, 1982: Achieved power by military appointment. (WP, 5/19/94)

Information researched by Vicky Imerman and Heather Dean.

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