Notorious Uruguayan School of the Americas Graduates

*CPT Daniel Castella 1972, Internal Security Operations Torture, 1984: Involved in the torture and death of Vladimir Roslik. (UNM)
*CPT Eduardo Ferro 1967, Cadet Orientation Torture, 1978: Involved in the arrest, torture, and interrogation of Uruguayans in Brazil. (UNM)
*CPT Armando Mendez 1968, Special Cadet Course Transporting kidnapped victims: Supplied transportation for the kidnapping of Uruguayan activists in Brazil. (UNM)
*CPT Eduardo Ramos 1968, Special Cadet Course Torture, 1978: Participated in the interrogation and torture of Uruguayans in Brazil. (UNM)
*CPT Glauco Yannone 1970, CC-1
1976, Military Intelligence
Falsifying documents: Arranged for false documents to cover up the kidnapping, torture and interrogation of Uruguayans in Brazil. (UNM)

Information researched by Heather Dean.

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