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July 1998
V.II No.2

Italian League for the Rights and Liberation of Peoples

The International League for the Rights and Liberation of Peoples, headed by Nobel Peace Laureate Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, supports struggles against oppression, domination and discrimination all over the world. It works in the political, cultural and information realms for the creation of international law based in the defense of the rights of persons and of peoples. LIDLIP also works against impunity for human rights violators. It has consultive status with the UN, and has been recognized by UNESCO. Derechos has been hosting the Milan branch of the Italian section of LIDLIP for more than two years.

The LIDLIP site at Derechos has information and links about human rights and asylum issues, but it is the section dealing with the trials in Italy against Argentinian military responsible for the disappearances of Italian citizens that is the most developed. LIDLIP has been working on behalf of the Italian disappeared in Argentina for over two decades, and has been trying to bring those responsible to justice for more than 15 years. Through their efforts, criminal proceedings against some of the responsible were started in Italy, and trials against seven Argentinian military are set to start later this year.

The LIDLIP web site contains abundant information about the history and law of these criminal procedures. This includes an article describing the development of the procedures, copies of legal motions filed by both the plaintiffs and the opposing prosecutors, copies of the impunity legislation in Argentina, and information regarding both the Italian disappeared and the accussed (even some photos are available at the website!) While the information offered is mostly in Spanish and Italian; English speakers may try the Altavista translation tool (see WI, June ‘98, p.11) to read it in English. We invite you to visit the site, and find out how you can help their work!