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The president of the APG IG and his family threatened with death

Pedro Paz Garnica, Mburuvicha in charge of education and health within the Council of Guaraní Captains of Tarija, has made a statement to the press, which has been reported by the governmental agency ABI:

Pedro Paz, a member of the Council of Captains, has this Friday said that the president of the Assembly of the Guaraní People (APG) Itika Guasu, Never Barrientos, has been threatened with death by the Arebayo family who intend to create a parallel governing board.

"The Arebayo family, who are attempting to create a parallel board of directors within the organisation have begun to make death threats and intimidate the president Never Barrientos, telling him that he should not be alive, neither should all his family", he has reported.

Paz maintained that these threats were said after the 12th July, when Barrientos´s duties had been recognised by the APG national governing body, during an extraordinary gathering which took place in the Salado Grande community, in the presence of the majority of the 36 Guarani communities.

"The threats were sent by text messages to the telephone. We are in possession of these threats as evidence: they are in SMS format", he added.

Radio Nizkor was able to access the text of certain threats received after the National Assembly on the 12th July.

On Friday 15th July 2016, he received a message at 22:48, which said this:

    "Poor you you believe that you´ve won because you're in the news but you are lost but we have said to you that we are going to hit you where it hurts with your kids I think your daughter is pretty and you are going to see moron we´re following your kids everywhere we know when your wife works during the night and when you are not expecting it you will see."

On Sunday 17th July he received another threat, at 21:33:

    "Where have you hidden your family idiot we have been looking for them at your house and they are not there but we will find them."

Finally, on Tuesday 19th July, at 23:48.

    "Listen moron, the world is small you thought that we wouldn´t find where you were hiding your wife your children you are in the shit my associates have found them and it is even easier to get them as some are saying that you abandoned them I think that you don´t care what happens to them you´re an asshole your friends have given us information about you their days are numbered we will see if you win."

The number from which all these messages were sent is 69312490.

According to sources from the APG IG, these threats come under the framework of the harassment campaign, of which victim Never Barrientos has been systematically subjected to, as well as all the other members of the APG IG, for at least two years, although never before has this harassment reached such virulence and this level of menace.

[Source: By Irandey Tupapire, Radio Nizkor correspondent in Guaye (Entre Ríos), 23Jul16]

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