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The Egyptian Organization For Human Rights calls the authority to try immediately the perpetrators who tortured a citizen in El Wayli Police Station .

Cairo: 2/3/2002

EOHR is deeply sorry and condemns the death of the citizen, Ahmed Taha Mohamed Yousef who is 42 years old. The aforementioned was arrested on 23/2/2002, which was the second day of the Greater Bairam, and he was detained in El Wayli police station where he was tortured .

A police Investigation force from El Wayli Police Station including the head of the investigation unit and three security officers went to the home of the aforementioned in El Abaseya district . They went their to implement a judicial verdict against Ahmed's brother . However, because they did not find his brother they arrested Ahmed and took him to the police station involuntarily. The real account of the witnesses told the EOHR delegation that one of the security officers assaulted and beaten Ahmed in the street before the passengers and one of his hand was tightened by an iron handcuffs with another security officer called Tarek. In the preventive detention of El Wayli Police Station , one of the security officers beaten him on his chest and on the back of his head as well as bellow his neck and chin. He was beaten by an iron handcuffs and he immediately succumbed to his injuries. The West Prosecution office (accidents) starts investigations in the report no. 1217 of El Wayli misdemeanors concerning the death of the citizen, Ahmed Taha Mohamed. The prosecution heard the real accounts of the witnesses on 28/2/2002 and the defendants who are three security officers, Hamdi, Essam and Hamid from El Wayli police station are investigated and detained 4 days pending investigation. The prosecution also decided to summon the head and a security officer of the investigation unit from El Wayli police station for interrogation.

In this regard, EOHR condemns torture and the ill treatment of the citizens by the police officers and warns against the dangerousness of torture and the ill treatment and their bad effects. EOHR calls the Egyptian authority to take the necessary action to stop torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment. Moreover, EOHR calls for issuing a legislation, which affirms the right of the civil claimed person to file his case before the criminal court in the crimes of assaulting the personal freedom or the privacy of life of the citizen. In addition to abolishing article no.63 of the criminal procedures law in which the right to file a case against the public officers and other public figures such as the police officers is confined to the public prosecution. Thus EOHR calls for the returning to the old system which gave the claimed person the right to file his case directly.

EOHR calls the minister of interiors to order the members of the police body to conform with the principles of the constitution and law when they treat the citizen. As well as presenting to trial anyone who breaches the law to provide protection to the mental or psychological safety of individuals. Furthermore, EOHR calls the minister of interiors to take the necessary procedures to ban the arrest of the relative of the defendants as hostages to force the defendants to go to the police station. This act is in conflict with the principle of " no one is responsible for the crime of the others" as well as it is a blatant violation to the personal freedom.

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