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  • EOHR calls for the release of the defendants in El Quraneyeen case
    12 March 2002
  • The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) welcomes the decree of the ministry of interiors to refer two police officers to the public prosecution because they tortured citizens in the police Station of Nasr City
    March 9, 2002
  • EOHR appeals to the president of the state not to ratify the verdict against "El Quranyeen" group
    March 6 2002
  • The Egyptian Organization For Human Rights calls the authority to try immediately the perpetrators who tortured a citizen in El Wayli Police Station
    March 2, 2002
  • The Cairo Appeals Prosecution starts the investigation in the EOHR's complaint concerning the killings of the Egyptian Prisoners of Wars (POWs) in Sinai in 1956 and 1967.
    28 Feb. 2002
  • The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights calls for the re-trial of Dr. Ageza after his deportation to Egypt
    14 Feb. 2002
  • The Court of Cassation accepted the re-trial of Dr. Saad El Deen Ibrahim and his associates
    6 Feb. 2002
  • Tuberculosis ….. The slow death in the prisons of El Wadi El Gadeed and Damanhour
    23 Jan. 2002 - Report
    Press release on Report
  • EOHR calls for the release of the detainees in Port Said incidents
    22 Jan. 2002
  • The Egyptian Organization For Human Rights announces its solidarity with the Palestinian activist -Mustafa El Barghosy
    5 Jan. 2002
  • EOHR calls for rejection of judicial supervision bill
    1 Jan. 2002
  • The Egyptian Organization For Human Rights welcomes the abolishing of the whipping penalty
    23 Dec. 2001
  • Reply of US Ambassador vis a vis Egyptians detained in the US
    12 Dec. 2001
  • The future of political parties in danger
    EOHR statement regarding the resolution of the parties committee to freeze the National "Wefak" Party
    22 Aug. 2001
  • EOHR presents its demands in support of democratisation, human rights and freedom of expression
    30 Dec. 2000
  • A New Security Strike Against Members from the Muslim Brothers
    19 Oct. 2000
  • Intensive arrest campaign against students before the new academic year
    13 Sep. 2000
  • More Blows to Civil Organizations Women and the challenges of Law 153/1999
    2 Sep. 2000
  • Five cases of death in police stations
    18 Aug. 2000
  • Two years imprisonment for journalists
    14 Aug 2000
  • Security refuses the registration of the EOHR
    31 July 2001
  • The EOHR condemns the arrest of Dr Saad El Din Ibrahim.
    2 July 2001
  • Assassination of Civil Society Organizations
    22 June 2000
  • Press Statement by Human Rights Organizations
    In Response to the Incriminating Mentality
    Respecting Human rights is a National Security Priority
    26 May 2000
  • EOHR Condemns Arbitrary Measures Against the Labor Party and its Newspaper
    21 May 2000
  • Egypt Awaits Democratic Reforms
    14 May 2000
  • The Organization denounces incitement against writers and artists.
    9 May 2000
  • EOHR elected member of IFEX Council
    2 May 2000
  • EOHR welcomes the release of 1,200 detainees of the Islamic Group
    27 April 2000
  • In Solidarity with Tunisian Human Rights Activists
    30 March 2000
  • Life of Journalist Gamal Abdel Raheem in Danger
    7 March 2000
  • Two Students Referred to the Emergency High State Security Court
    6 March 2000
  • Five cases of death in police stations
    18 Aug. 1999
  • By Direct Order… Assassination of Civil Society in Egypt
    EOHR's Criticisms against Law 153 of 1999 on Associations and Civil Institutions
    22 June 1999
  • Remember the Mothers of the Victims of Recurrent Detention
    20 march 1999
  • Security Forces Arrest Students from Ain Shams University
    16 March 1999
  • Arrest of three members of the Tagammu Party
    14 March 1999
  • Stop all forms of discrimination against women
    8 March 1999
  • Closure of a newspaper: Governmental intervention to ban Sawt Al-Umma newspaper
    29 Feb 1999
  • Further arrests of members of the Muslim Brotherhood
    24 Feb 1999
  • Nine Muslim Brotherhood members arrested
    17 Feb 1999
  • Human Rights Activists Warn Against Exaggerated Concerns about Religious Persecutions in Egypt
    16 Feb 1999
  • Galal Arif, another journalist under the threat of imprisonment
    15 Feb 1999
  • Sawarka's testimony to the EOHR
    11 Feb 1999
  • Police excesses and the difficulty of obtaining evidence
    11 Feb 1999
  • Preventive detention threatens journalists again
    10 Feb 1999
  • EOHR renews its appeal for the release of a prisoner on medical grounds
    28 Jan 1999
  • Report on the arrest campaigns against members of the Muslim Brothers
    12 Jan 1999
  • EOHR issues Report on Arrest Campaign against Muslim Brothers
    12 Jan 1999
  • The defence of human rights is a national security priority
    4 Jan 1998
  • Stop the destruction of Iraq
    17 Dec 1998
  • On occasion of the 50th celebration of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights EOHR issues newsletter entitled Solidarity
    10 dec 1998
  • The High State Security Prosecution releases EOHR Lawyer Mustafa Zidan on bail
    9 Dec 1998
  • Lawyer Mustafa Zidan to be questioned today by the State Security Prosecution about Al-Kosheh report
    9 Dec 1998
  • EOHR's Secretary General Released
    6 Dec 1998
  • Fears for the safety of EOHR Secretary General
    3 Dec 1998
  • Freeze of EOHR activities and activists
    3 Dec 1998
  • EOHR Concerned over Order of Arrest EOHR Lawyer
    2 Dec 1998
  • The Higher State Security Prosecution Orders the Imprisonment of the EOHR Secretary General
    1 Dec 1998
  • EOHR's Secretary General summoned by Higher State Security Prosecution
    30 Nov 1998
  • In a letter to the EOHR, the Center for Religious Freedom in Washington affirms that the Sunday Telegraph disseminated false allegations
    21 Nov 1998
  • Egyptian human rights organizations welcome diplomatic solution of the Iraqi crisis and condemn US practices
    17 Nov. 1998
  • Those Responsible for the Events of Al-Kosheh Must Pay the Price
    9 Nov. 1998
  • The EOHR condemns the detention and torture of 12 citizens in the Kasr Al-Nil police station
    12 Sept 1998
  • No way out... Fears of a new stage of social violence
    12 Sept 1998
  • Confiscation of first two issues of Alf Lela newspaper
    19 August 1998
  • The EOHR strongly condemns the illegal arrest and detention of its Secretary General
    17 August 1998
  • Death in silence and seclusion
    The EOHR 11th report on the violation of the rights of prisoners
    15 August 1998
  • Amendment to the Constitutional Court Law
    22 July 1998
  • The EOHR expresses its solidarity with Mr. Farouk Abu Eissa, Secretary General of the Arab Lawyers Union
    16 July 1998
  • Important ruling by the Court of Cassation
    Revoking previous ruling against journalists Magdi Hussein and Mohammed Hilal
    2 July 1998
  • EOHR's Campaign for the Defense of Freedom of Thought and Belief
    1 July 1998
  • Notes from the 7th general assembly of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights
    1 July 1998
  • Summary of EOHR's Annual Report on the Situation of Human Rights in Egypt in 1997
    20 June 1998
  • Banning the printing of Cairo Times and Middle East Times
    4 June 1998
  • EOHR welcomes the release of Aktham Nuaisa, the Syrian human rights activist
    2 June 1998
  • In Defense of the Professional Syndicates
    26 May 1998
  • Fierce attack on freedom of the press must be stopped
    21 May 1998

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