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The Cairo Appeals Prosecution starts the investigation in the EOHR's complaint concerning the killings of the Egyptian Prisoners of Wars (POWs) in Sinai in 1956 and 1967.

Cairo: 28/2/2001

The Egyptian Organization For Human Rights (EOHR) received a letter from the Cairo Appeals Prosecution to summon Hafez Abou Se'da, - the Lawyer. He will be interrogated next Tuesday (5/3/2002) in the complaint no. 76 of 2001 which was presented on 6/8/2001 to the Public Prosecutor concerning the crimes committed by the Israeli Officers and Soldiers against the Egyptian POWs in Sinai in 1956 and 1967. EOHR mentioned in its complaint a list of the names of the Israeli perpetrators including the Prime Minister Ireal Sharoon who was the leader of the ninth brigade at that time. In addition to a detailed report which includes the accusations and the real accounts as well as the confessions of the Israeli officers. It is worth mentioning that EOHR deals with this case from the Egyptian Legislative prospective as the provision of the Egyptian Law is applied on anyone who commit a crime in the Egyptian territory (article 1 of the penal Code).

Article 2 of the same law is applied to " Anyone who committed a crime abroad, which makes him, an accomplice in a crime committed in the Egyptian territory".

Article 201 bis of the Penal Code states that " If the crimes stated in this chapter is committed to any wounded people even if he/she is an enemy during war, the perpetrators must be penalized with the same penalties applied to the criminals who committed intentioned crimes".

Moreover, the violations committed by the Israeli officers during war 1956, 1967 are war crimes according to the Fourth Geneva Convention and the articles of the International Law.

EOHR in its complaint calls for taking the necessary procedures to start the investigation in the crimes committed by the Israeli officers and considering them war criminals.

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