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EOHR's Secretary General Released

6 December 1998

In the afternoon of today, 6 December 1998, the Higher State Security
Prosecution ordered the release of Hafez Abu Seada, the Secretary General
of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) on a bail of LE 500.
On 1 December, the prosecutor had ordered his imprisonment for fifteen days
pending investigations in connection with case number 945 of 1998/Higher
State Security. He was charged with  accepting funds from a foreign 
country with the aim of carrying out acts harmful to Egypt; disseminating
information and false allegations harmful to Egypt's national interests;
and receiving donations without obtaining permission from the competent

The EOHR forwards its sincere thanks and highest gratitude to all human
rights  centers and organizations; human rights activists locally,
regionally and internationally; political parties, unions and civil society
institutions; and to all the honest writers and journalists who were not
deceived by the misleading campaigns that intended to harm and discredit
EOHR's image and the image of other human rights organizations to undermine
their role and existence. The EOHR highly appreciates all the support and
positive reactions received for the release of its secretary general. It
thanks all human rights institutions on the regional and international
level for their prompt response and the initiatives taken to send  missions
in solidarity with the EOHR to demand the immediate release of its
secretary general, Hafez Abu-Seada.

The EOHR would also like to appeal to all organizations to continue to
support the case of Mostafa Zedan, lawyer at EOHR's fieldwork unit. The
EOHR stresses its firm stance in defense of human rights and basic

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