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On occasion of the 50th celebration of the
Universal Declaration of Human Rights
EOHR issues newsletter entitled Solidarity

10 December 1998

The 50th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR)
carries with it much pessimism and little optimism with respect to the
situation of human rights in the world.  

In Egypt, we are celebrating this solemn event amidst a climate in which
one finds no reason for optimism. The human rights movement in general, and
the EOHR in particular, are being exposed to a fierce and organized
campaign of attacks that aim to silence the voices defending human rights.
However, those working in the human rights field have to hold on to the
will to be optimistic. Let the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the
Universal Declaration be an occasion for fostering the will for optimism,
cooperation and solidarity between all those concerned with human rights

The recent crisis faced by  the EOHR has highlighted, however, positive
aspects that should not be neglected or overlooked. Perhaps the main among
these has been the solidarity mechanism which responded swiftly and full of
vitality. From the very first moment, all human rights defenders in Egypt
and many around the world started moving to defend the existence of the
EOHR. This solidarity mechanism is still spontaneous and alive at a time
when everything seems liable to division and disunity.

It is within this climate of crisis still looming over the future of the
human rights movement in Egypt, and on occasion of the 50th anniversary of
the UDHR, that the EOHR issues Solidarity, a newsletter that aims to
highlight the many expressions of solidarity received by the organization
and reaffirm its will to remain optimistic, a feeling that was nourished by
those expressions which, amidst the darkness of the crisis, revealed a
light at the end of the tunnel in the struggle towards a better future.
Lets us unite in solidarity for:

The protection of human rights defenders;

The building of a strong and democratic civil society;

A new association law that would express the demands and ambitions of civil

The implementation of the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human

A world where the values of freedom, equality, justice and human rights

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