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In the Face of Cultural Violence

The Organization denounces incitement against writers and artists.


The EOHR expresses its alarm over the apostatizing campaign against two =
writers published by the Ministry of Culture, those being the Syrian =
novelist Haider Haider, author of the novel Feast of the Sea Algae, and =
the Egyptian novelist and critic Edwar Al Kharrat, author of the book =
Poetry of Modernity in Egypt. This campaign has extended to include the =
officials of the Ministry of Culture, and the Organization regrets the =
discourse used in this campaign of accusations of apostasy and treason, =
which has reached the extent of direct and clear incitement to assault =
artists and officials by publishing their addresses in one of the =

The EOHR is aware of the sensitivity of the relationship between =
artistic and literary works on one hand, and religion and politics on =
the other. This relationship over the ages has been the basis of grave =
violations of the rights of persons of letters and words specifically, =
and of political liberties in general. The organization believes that =
the judgement of literary and creative works on religious or political =
grounds threaten to impose religious or political custodianship on human =
thought, especially since experience has proved that religion and =
politics are always subject to different interpretations by those who =
try to impose custodianship.

However, what has caused the gravest alarm to the organization is the =
violence of the discourse of the critics of these literary works, and =
the organization fears that the cultural and intellectual debate takes =
the direction to what we might call cultural violence, which could erupt =
into bloody political violence, especially since previous experience has =
proven that a number of writers and artists who were exposed to similar =
campaigns ended up as victims of physical violence, which cost some of =
them their lives. The assassination of the secular thinker Farag Foda =
and the attempts to assassinate novelist Naguib Mahfouz and journalist =
Makram Mohammed Ahmed are not far from our memory. It should be noted =
that the investigation of these previous cases proved that the =
perpetrators had never read the works of their victims, but were incited =
by discourse similar to that of which we warn now. The organization =
expresses its alarm about this apostatising campaign on the grounds that =
the right to free expression and literary, artistic, and cultural =
creativity are constitutional rights that have to be respected and =
safeguarded, and calls upon intellectuals and civil society to work =
against these apostatising campaigns to put and end to this growing =
phenomenon of cultural violence, and urges the state to carry out its =
duty to protect freedom of expression, belief, literary and artistic =

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