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The Egyptian Organization For Human Rights announces its solidarity with the Palestinian activist -Mustafa El Barghosy

Cairo: 5/1/2001

EOHR announces its solidarity with the Palestinian activist - Mustafa El Barghosy and it condemns his arrest on 2nd January 2002 by the Israeli frontiers guards following the press conference he held in East Jerusalem in cooperation with the European peace activists. The Israeli authority charged El Barghosy of entering the East Jerusalem without a permission. Furthermore, the Israeli frontiers guards has beaten him by sticks and rifles and put him in an Israeli army car . He was ill-treated and detained for two hours in a police station in Jerusalem. The result of the assault is that El Barghosy received bruises and abrasions to his knee and face.

EOHR condemns the assaults of the Israeli forces on El Barghosy who was practicing his right to express his opinion in a peaceful way because he is a Palestinian citizen who cares for his country cases. In this regard EOHR renews its condemnation on the violations which the human right activists subject to and at the same time it reveals its solidarity with the Palestinian activist El Barghosy.

EOHR calls for the competent Arab and International institutions to announce their condemnation of the Israeli forces' breaches and to play their role to push peacefully the international community to stop the violations which the Palestinian human rights activists subject to . Moreover, EOHR repeats its appeal to the international community to stop the repeated violations of the unarmed Palestinian people rights by the Israeli forces as well as to provide the necessary protection under international supervision to stop such violations which threaten a whole nation who defense his right to self-determination due to the UN resolutions no. 181-194-242 .

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