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The EOHR expresses its solidarity with Mr. Farouk Abu Eissa, Secretary General of the Arab Lawyers Union

Thursday, 16 July 1998

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights is following with grave concern
the campaign of accusations launched by the Government of Sudan against Mr.
Farouk Abu Eissa, Secretary General of the Arab Lawyers Union and member of
the Board of Trustees of the Arab Organization for Human Rights (AOHR).  In
what is the latest step in this campaign, the Sudanese Government has filed
an application to the Egyptian Foreign Ministry asking for the extradition
of Abu Eissa on allegations of involvement in explosions that took place
recently in Khartoum. Abu Eissa has denied these accusations in their
entirety. The Sudanese Government has based its request on the Arab
Convention to Combat Terrorist, a convention that has not yet entered into

The EOHR strongly denounces the use by the Sudanese Government of Arab
conventions and agreements to attack its political opponents and brand them
'criminals'. This constitutes a gross violation of Abu Eissa's right to be
considered innocent unless proven guilty by a fair and impartial court, and
to be charged only by the competent authorities.  It is also an
unacceptable attack on his right to freedom and personal safety, as well as
on his right to movement and residence in the country of his choice.

The EOHR expresses once again its solidarity with Mr. Farouk Abu Eissa, one
of the symbols of the Arab movement for the defense of human rights and the
rule of law.  It also calls on all official and non official bodies,
particularly those working in the human rights field, to show their
solidarity with Abu Eissa and call upon the Sudanese Government to stop
this campaign immediately.

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