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EOHR renews its appeal for the release of a prisoner on medical grounds

28 January 1999

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) remains deeply concerned
about the deterioration of the health of Ibrahim Mohamed Ibrahim, who is
serving a four-year prison sentence in Al-Istinaf Prison. He contracted
tuberculosis and is also suffering from a gangrenous lower jaw, purulent
bleeding and constant fever.

On 17 November 1998, the EOHR issued an appeal on his case asking for his
release,  but given the lack of response from the competent authorities and
the steady and serious deterioration of his health condition, the EOHR
renews its call as it fears for his life. It must be noted that the EOHR
had received a complaint from Ibrahim's family saying that, during his
arrest on 6 February 1995, he received a bullet which, as stated by medical
reports, stayed in his lower jaw and caused the gangrene to set in. Later
he contracted tuberculosis.

The EOHR urges the competent authorities to release the said prisoner on
medical grounds for fear that his life is in serious danger. Such release
would be in accordance with article 36 of Law 396 of 1956 on prisons, which
states that: "In case the prison doctor learns that a convict is inflicted
with a disease that would jeopardize his life or cause him total
disability, he shall present the case to the director of the Medical
Department of Prisons to be examined, in association with the forensic
doctor, and consider his release." Until the release order is made, the
EOHR also calls on the competent authorities to provide medical care for
said prisoner in accordance with Rule 22 of the Standard Minimum Rules for
the Treatment of Prisoners and Other Detainees, adopted by the UN Economic
and Social Council in 1977, which states that: " Sick prisoners who
require specialist treatment shall be transferred to specialist
institutions or to civil hospitals ..."

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