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A New Security Strike Against Members from the Muslim Brothers

	The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights, EOHR, has received with strong
annoyance, news of the arrest carried out by state security police on the
14th and 15th of October of 20 persons from the professional syndicates
leadership who also belonged to the banned "Muslim Brothers" Group. 
Furthermore, EOHR was also disturbed by referring the arrested to state
security prosecution, which in turn decided to detain them for 15 days
pending case no 1149/1999. They were accused of joining an illegal
organization that aims at hindering constitutional and legal rulings , and
preventing state institutions from operating

	The EOHR has learned  that a state security police force and three of
state security attorney generals, broke into the premises of the
Engineering Organizations' Administration (an NGO in Hadayek El Maadi
district) on Thursday the 14th at 3 PM, and rounded up all the individuals
present who numbered 16 people after conducting personal and general
scrutiny.  The breaking-in occurred during  a meeting of professional
syndicates' representatives from various governorates.  The following day,
Friday the 15th, four more people were arrested. ( A table with the names
and vocations  of the arrested is attached). 

	The EOHR expresses its astonishment concerning the content of the  memo by
state security police which stated that the accused aimed at entering the
syndicates' elections as well as getting their feet in the people's
assembly and local councils;  in order to be able to infiltrate these
institutions. The EOHR points to the fact that the number of the Muslim
Brothers apprehended by the state since the end of 1998, has almost reached
200. One hundred of them remain in temporary detention pending the
resolution of 25 cases with similar charges to the aforementioned in this

	EOHR , also marks a strong contradiction between  official statements
following the formation of the new cabinet which stressed the entrenchment
of democracy on one side, and such practiced violations to the citizens'
right to public administration of the country on the other.   This
constitutional right is guaranteed by articles (54), (55) and (65) of the
constitution which state the right of citizens to associate and  build up
unions and organizations on democratic bases. In addition, Article (62 )
states " the citizen has the right to election, candidature and
presentation of opinion during referendums according to the rulings of the
law; his/her contribution to public life is a national duty" . These laws
are already included  in international human rights conventions approved by
the Egyptian government. 

	EOHR sees the late campaigns of arrest , as verifying its suspicions of
the authority's respect to  the right of political forces  to peacefully
express themselves. It also views such violation as confirming the lack of
governmental response  to the requests of the necessity of political reform
and the right to political participation  forwarded by the political forces
and the EOHR respectively.  Consequently, the EOHR calls upon the Egyptian
authorities to release the apprehended individuals , fulfill its pledges of
 political and constitutional reform and fulfill its international
commitments that are derived from its approval to international human
rights conventions. 

Names of  the Detained Individuals  Pending State Security Case  no 1149
for the year 1999
Name	Governorate 	          Vocation	
Atef Abdel Galeel El Semari	        Cairo	          Accountant	
Ahmad Mahmoud Hassan Mohammed 	        Cairo	Accountant in the Union of
Engineering Organizations	
Ibrahim Ali El Sayed Hussein 	      Sharkkyia	Pharmacist and member of the
Pharmacists Union's council  	
Abdallah Zein Al Abdeen Suliman	           Cairo	Treasurer of the
Pharmacist union	
Ahmad Mohammed Abu Al Anwar	      Mansoura	Engineer and member of the
Engineers Union's Council	
Medhat Ahmad Al Hadad	    Alexandria	Freelance Engineer and businessman	
Abdu Mustafa Al Bardweili	    Damietta 	Physician and member of the council
of the  General Doctors Union 	
Ahmad Abdel Raheem Mohammed Abdel Hafeez	       Assiut	Assistant professor
in the University of Assiut	
Ali Abdel Raheem Mohammed Abdel Hafeez	      Assiut	Assistant Professor at
the University of Assiut	
Dr Mohammed Abdel Badei Abdel Maguid	Bani sweif	Secretary General of the
Veterinarians Union 	
Ahmad Ibrahim Ahmad El Helwani	Cairo	Teacher and member of the Teacher's
Sai'd Abdel Azeem Ahmad Heikal	Bani Sweif	Member of the General Doctors
Union's council	
Ahmad Shawki Abdel Satar	Damietta	Member of the Veterinarians Union's
Mukhtar Mohammed Nouh	Cairo	Lawyer and assistant treasurer of the Bar
Dr Mohammed Ali Beshr	Munufiyya	Professor at Munufiyya University and the
secretary general of the Engineers Union	
Khaled Badawi	Cairo	Lawyer and Assistant treasurer of the Bar Association 	
Ibrahim Al Rashidi	Suez	Lawyer	
Dr Mohammed Saad Elewa	Giza	Physician and member of the Giza Doctors Union	
Dr Saad Zaghloul	Giza	Professor in Kasr el Aini Hospital-Cairo University
and Secretary General of Cairo's Doctors Union.	
Dr Hesham El Souli 	Ismayliya	Physician and member of the Doctors Union	

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