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In a letter to the EOHR, the Center for Religious Freedom in Washington affirms that the Sunday Telegraph disseminated false allegations

Cairo, 21 November 1998

In a letter from the Washington-based Center for Religious Freedom to
EOHR's  secretary general on 20 November 1998, the Middle East research
director makes important clarifications denying any relation between EOHR's
report on the incidents of Al-Kosheh village and the campaign launched by
the London-based Sunday Telegraph newspaper, which alleged that Copts are
subjected to persecution in Egypt.  The letter demonstrates even further
that the EOHR was not involved in any campaign of this sort, and refutes
the allegations made by some Egyptian newspapers against the EOHR in that

In his letter, the director expresses his respect and admiration for the
role of the EOHR in defending the rights of individuals and communities in
Egypt regardless of their creed, gender, or religion. He refers to an
article published by EOHR's secretary general in Al-Shaab newspaper, on 16
November 1998, in which the organization Freedom House was accused of
providing the Sunday Telegraph with false information on the incidents of
Al-Kosheh village. The letter added that Freedom House, of which the Center
for Religious Freedom is a member, is the oldest human rights organization
in America, as it was founded in 1941, and that the center has been at the
forefront in the defence of religious freedom for Muslims, Christians,
Buddhists, and others.

With respect to the articles published by the Sunday telegraph, the letter
clarifies that Christina Lamb contacted the Center for Religious Freedom
asking for information on the facts surrounding the events of Al-Kosheh.
The center then forwarded to her the EOHR report. It adds that he protested
the absurd claims by the Sunday Telegraph that Christians were "crucified"
and that "scores of Christian women and children were raped". The letter
stresses that these allegations are not only false, but are also

The EOHR reveals the content of the letter to clarify its stance regarding
the allegations raised by its report on Al-Kosheh village, and on the
allegations of religious persecution in Egypt in general, after some
Egyptian newspapers deliberately tried to harm EOHR's image. 

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