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The pinowatch list is an information and discussion mailing list about Pinochet and the criminal procedures against him in Chile and other countries. Information sent to the list includes press releases from human rights organizations and other groups working against impunity, news stories and articles, announcements of relevant activities, urgent actions and other pertinent material. The list can be also be used to coordinate actions, ask questions, and things of the sort.

This forum is exclusively for people who support the struggle against impunity by human rights violators. This is not a place where to engage in apologia of human rights violations, argue about politics or make personal attacks. Those who don't respect the rules of the list will be unsubscribed.

This is a bilingual (Spanish/English) list and thus material in either (or both) languages will be accepted. The list is moderated, and the current list moderator and administrator is Margarita Lacabe.

To subscribe to the list, send a message to:

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