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Derechos Human Rights is committed to creating and providing channels of communications between human rights organizations, activists and the public. Our goal is to encourage the dissemination of trustworthy information and news about human rights all over the world, to help create quick response mechanisms for violations to human rights, and to facilitate the discussion of human rights issues. To this purpose we have created several blogs that we think are can be useful tools for everyone interested in human rights. These replace our former mailing lists.


Human Rights Blog

News, actions, opinions and miscellanea on human rights issues. Comments welcome.

USA Watch

News, actions, opinions and miscellanea on human rights in the US. Comments welcome.

Human Rights Listings

Forum for the distribution of notices regarding jobs, internships, fellowships, conferences, talks, classes, new films and books, call for papers, etc. in the human rights field.

Derechos Blog

A Spanish version of The Human Rights Blog

What's New at Derechos

Weekly update on what English and Spanish language documents and pages have been added to the Derechos Human Rights web site.

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Project Disapperared Bulletin

Periodic updates on the latest material added to the Desaparecidos Website.

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And for something light, check out Vox Publica, Margarita Lacabe's private blog.

Human Rights Mailing Lists

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