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There are many good human rights related mailing lists out there. Here you can find some information and instructions for subscribing to some of them. Members of Derechos are subscribed to some of these, so you may see us there.

If you know of another human rights related mailing list that we should include here, please let us know.


Derechos Human Rights Blogs

Different blogs ran by Derechos on human rights issues.

Discussion Lists

  • International Justice Watch
    Discussions and news on international humanitarian law and the international criminal tribunals.
    Probably the premier human rights related mailing list. Information is heavy on the issues relating to the former Yugoslavia, but information and discussion reaches other issues as well.
    To subscribe send a message to: LISTSERV@LISTSERV.BUFFALO.EDU
    saying: SUB JUSTWATCH-L your-first-name your-last-name

  • Human Rights Monitoring
    For people involved in human rights monitoring or interested in sustainable good practice in this sphere of activity
    To subscribe visit the list webpage and fill out the subscription form.

  • Huridocs Tech
    Technology issues and how they may affect human rights information workers.
    To subscribe send a message to: Majordomo@hrea.org
    saying: subscribe huridocs-tech

  • ICC Info
    By the Coalition for an International Criminal Court and the World Federalist Movement
    Discussion and information on the ICC
    To subscribe send a message to: majordomo@igc.org
    saying: subscribe icc-info

  • International-Law
    Mainly for exchanging information about how to obtain different international law materials.
    To subscribe send a message to: majordomo@listhost.ciesin.org
    saying: subscribe int-law

  • Systematic Studies of Human Rights
    Academic discussions of human rights issues, for academics and students.
    The list has had very little traffic for the last few years.
    To subscribe send a message to: LISTSERV@BINGVMB.C C.BINGHAMTON.EDU
    saying: subscribe hrs-l Firstname Lastname

  • Human Rights Law
    Discussions about human rights law, open to everyone.
    To subscribe send a message to: listproc@lawlib.wuacc.edu
    saying: subscribe humanrights-l Firstname Lastname

  • Conscientious Objectors -list
    Union of Conscientious Objectors' in Finland

    * Forum for international discussions
    * Information channel between different organizations and individuals
    * Increases contacts between organizations in different nations
    Discussions on issues related to street children
    To subscribe send a message to: majordomo@kaapeli.fi
    In body of message: subscribe co-list

  • Street Kid
    Discussions on issues related to street children
    To subscribe send a message to: MAJORDOMO@JBU.EDU

  • Academic Council on the UN System Discussion List
    Discussions on the UN system
    To subscribe send a message to: LISTSERV@BROWNVM.BROWN.EDU
    saying: subscribe ACUNS-IO Firstname Lastname

  • Forced Migration
    Discussion of forced migration issues.
    send a message to: mailbase@mailbase.ac.uk
    saying: subcribe forced-migration Name Lastname

  • Asylum-l
    discussion of asylum issues.
    To subscribe send a message to:Majordomo@ufsia.ac.be
    saying: subscribe asylum-l

  • Hague Appeal for Peace Mailing List
    follow up to the Hague Appeal for Peace, and information on human rights/peace activities
    To subscribe send a blank message to hapnews-list-subscribe@igc.topica.com

    Information Distribution Lists

  • Human Rights Watch
    HRW runs a number of mailing lists on different regions and issues. You can subscribe from their webpage.

  • OSI Migration
    Soros Foundation Forced Migration Project mailing list with up-to-date information on issues related to refugees and forced migration. All subscribers receive bimonthly newsletter, The Forced Migration Monitor, and weekly news bulletin, FM Alert. Each of these publications will provide subscribers with up-to-date information on issues related to refugees and forced migration.
    To subscribe send a message to majordomo@soros.org
    with the message: subscribe osi-migration
    Forced Migration Project

    Country Specific

  • B'Tselem Automated Electronic Mailing List
    Israel & the Occupied Territories
    Distribute press releases and public statements, as well as provide information on advocacy campaigns.
    To subscribe send a message to: btselem-L-request@netgate.net
    with a subject saying: subscribe
  • Human Rights Actions

  • Casa Alianza
    Action alerts about street children in Latin America
    To subscribe send a message to: casalnza@sol.racsa.co.cr
    Asking them to put you in their action mailing list.

  • American Association for the Advancement of Science Human Rights Action Network (AAASHRAN)
    Actions on violations to the human rights of scientists, engineers and health professionals.
    To subscribe send a message to: majordomo@aaas.org
    saying: subscribe aaashran

  • Digital Freedom Network Action Alerts
    "Information about human rights violations, including background information about the cases, excerpts from primary documents related to the cases, and steps that people can take to fight these injustices.
    To subscribe send a message to: alert@dfn.org
  • Human Rights News & Info

  • Huridocs
    Global, decentralised network of organisations dealing with human rights information and documentation.
    to subscribe send a message to: Majordomo@sonne.comlink.apc.org
    saying: subscribe huridocs-gen-l

  • Listas en Español

  • Derhuman
    Discusion sobre los derechos humanos
    Send a message to: listasrcp@rcp.net.pe
    saying: subscribe derhuman nombre@direccion

  • Derechos Humanos en Colombia
    To subscribe send a message to: majordomo@colnodo.apc.org
    saying: subscribe dh nombre@direccion

  • Noticias Diarias sobre Guatemala
    To subscribe send a message to ceg@c.net.gt
    asking them to subscribe you

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  • Law Lists - includes non-law human rights lists
  • Liszt
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