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In order to struggle effectively against human rights violations and impunity, it's essential to understand their causes, their development and their consequences, as well as their social, political and economic context. In this space, we offer you analytical articles on human rights issues to contribute to that greater understanding.

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Civil and Political Rights

  • Freedom of Expression on Trial:
    Caselaw under European Convention on human rights

    Sally Burheim
  • Freedom of Religion:
    The evolution of a human right

    Rhona Smith
  • Observations on Internet Censorship in Latin America
    Margarita Lacabe

  • Death Penalty

  • The Conspiracy of Revenge: U.s. Death Penalty Policies as Breaches of International Law
    Oscar Schiappa-Pietra
  • Death Penalty

  • Economic & Social Rights

  • World Trade Organisation (WTO): An illegal organisation that violates the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
    Por Michel Chossudovsky
  • L'AMI: vers le gouvernement mondial des multinationales?
    Hugo Ruiz Díaz Balbuena, Equipo Nizkor, Janvier 1999

  • Humanitarian Law

  • Can aggression be deterred by law?
    Benjamin B. Ferencz
  • ICC

  • Impunity

  • The Criminal Procedures against Chilean and Argentinian Repressors in Spain
    Margarita Lacabe
  • In Search of Vindication: Reparations for Human Rights Violations in Argentina
    Graciela Lois and Margarita Lacabe
  • Spanish Criminal Prosecutions Use International Human Rights Law to Battle Impunity in Chile and Argentina
    Richard Wilson
  • Impunity

  • International Human Rights Systems

  • The Inter-American Human Rights System: Principal Activities in 1996
    Richard Wilson

  • NGOs

  • The Indian State and Human Rights NGOs
    Munmun Jha

  • Women

  • Sexual Exploitation: A Form of Slavery?
    Norah Gallagher

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