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Programme Memorial and Liberation Events 2015
Mauthausen, former sattelite-camps and places of Nazi terror

Friday, 8. May 2015
Lunzerstraße 74
Upper Austria
10.00am Memorial Event at the Linz III concentration camp (the former Hermann Göring Works).
10.00am Memorial Event
Speaker: District Mayor Georg PAPAI and the Scientific Head of the DÖW Mag. Dr. Gerhard BAUMGARTNER.
Former Eugen Grill-Werke
Davisstraße 7
2.00pm Memorial event at the former sub-camp of Dachau in Hallein. With speeches by Local Parliament Member Dr. Heinrich SCHELLHORN, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Peter GSTETTNER, Mag. Wolfgang WINTERSTELLER, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Ernst BERGER, Dr. Michael KURZ and relatives of Agnes Primocic and Fritz Mergen. Organised by the Deputy Mayor of Hallein Walter RESCHREITER.
1:30pm: wreath laying at the concentration camp memorial, gateway of the company Deisl-Beton, Wiestal Landesstr. 34
Spital am Pyhrn
Upper Austria
5.00pm Memorial Event for the children of forced labourers in the former Foreign Childrens' Home Lindenhof.
Alte Traunstraße
6.00pm Stations of Memory
Upper Austria
8.00pm Song Cycle with dance "The Divan of Mozes Ibn-Esra" by Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco.
Direction: Maria STEINKOGLER
St. Georgen/Gusen
Parish Church
Upper Austria
7.00pm Memorial and Mass of Thanks in remembrance of the mass given following the liberation on 5th May 1945.
Saturday, 9. May 2015
former concentration camp cemetery
Upper Austria
10:30am Liberation Commemoration
Welcome: Josef STURMAIR, Mayor of Gunskirchen
Speaker: Hofrat Marko FEINGOLD, President of the IKG Salzburg, and Daniel CHANOCH, Survivor of Gunskirchen concentration camp.
Closing Remarks: Dr. Robert EITER, Board Member of the MKÖ
In cooperation with the Gunskirchen School, the County Music school Gunskirchen and the Singkreis Gunskirchen.
In the event of bad weather, the commemoration will be held in the events centre Gunskirchen (Raiffeisenplatz 2).
Upper Austria
10:30am Liberation Commemoration
Speeches: Wanda NORDLIE (Nurse with the 139th US Evacuation Hospital, cared for survivors from Ebensee), Zvi SCHMIDMAYER (Survivor of Auschwitz, Mauthausen, Ebensee), Shimon SHAHAR (Son of the survivor Zvi Schmidmayer), Andrew STERNBERG (survivor of Auschwitz, Mauthausen, Melk, Ebensee), Silvia DINHOF-CUETO (daughter of an Ebensee survivor).
Memorial speech: Michael KÖHLMEIER, Author
Vormarktstraße 61
Upper Austria
2.00pm Unveiling of a commemorative plaque for Anna Pointner, who was brave enough to resist fascism and supported the Spanish concentration camp prisoners.
Thoughts on the commemoration of Anna Pointner: Walter HOFSTÄTTER (Chair of perspektive mauthausen), Mayor Thomas PUNKENHOFER, Representative of the Spanish and activists of perspektive mauthausen.
Unveiling by apprentices from VOEST Alpine Linz.
Music: Juan Francisco Ortiz (concert guitarist and son of the Spanish Mauthausen survivor Francisco Ortiz Torres).
Concentration camp Memorial
In front of Barracks 1
Upper Austria
3.30pm Feminist anti-fascist Women's Commemoration
In remembrance of the persecution, murder and the resistance of the Women, lesbians and young girls in the Nazi period and the women and children who were brought to Mauthausen Concentration camp from Ravensbrück and forced to work as prostitutes.
Memorial Gusen
Upper Austria
5.00pm Liberation Commemoration on the topic of "Forced labour in the quarry and the armaments industry”.
Speeches: former prisoners
Train station
Memorial für die NS-Opfer im Oberen Drautal/Carinthia
5.00pm Memorial Event for the victims in Oberen Drautal.
Speeches by:
Katja STURM-SCHNABL, Head of the Carinthian Partisan organisation, Governor Peter KAISER (invited) and a reading by local schoolchildren. The Memorial Event has been organised by the organisations "aegide" and "kuland"
St. Valentin
Anna Strasser-Platz
Lower Austria
5.00pm Memorial Event and unveiling of a memorial stone
As part of the event an expansion of the memorial will be unveiled with nine new memorial stones for victims of Hartheim and a steel sculpture.
Rudolf HUNDSTORFER, Minister for Labor, Social Affairs and Consumer Rights
Representative of the education and memorial centre at Schloss Hartheim
Contributions by: IMS Langenhart
Music: Members of the city band
Schloss Lind
7.00pm Memorial and Opening event as part of the special exhibition "The Self and the Other" which looks at questions of identity and origin.
Reading: in cooperation with the Austrian Mauthausen Committee, devised by Uli VONBANK-SCHEDLER, Werner KOROSCHITZ and Andreas STAUDINGER.
Music: Gypsy duo KRANZELBINDER
8.00pm Classical Concert by the Musikfreunde Ebensee, conducted by Fritz NEUBÖCK
Cinema Ebensee
Upper Austria
8.00pm Reading: René FREUND reads from his book "My Father, the Deserter".
Sunday, 10. May 2015
Upper Austria
4.00pm Memorial Event
Opening remarks: Mayor Ernst RABL, SJ OÖ, Organisation for Social Democrat Freedom Fighters, German Mauthausen Committee East, Amicale de Mauthausen (F).
Memorial Keynote: Willi MERNYI, Chair MKÖ
Musical Accompaniment: German Mauthausen Committee East

[Fuente: Mauthausen Komitee Österreich, May15]

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