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Without Impunity is the periodic newsletter of Derechos Human Rights, an international human rights organization based on the internet. This is the publication where you can find information, news, and opinions about human rights and human rights violations worldwide. It’s also a place where you can learn how to improve your activist skills, find out what’is going on in the human rights community, and be inspired to work harder (or begin working for human rights).

Without Impunity is available free of charge online. You can access it via this web page, or download a PDF version. You can obtain an e-mail ASCII subscription by e-mailing wi-subscribers-subscribe@derechos.net or get the lattest issue by sending an e-mail to last@derechos.org.

Without Impunity is copyrighted to Derechos Human Rights or the individual authors of the articles. You are welcomed to copy and distribute the newsletter in whole, or in part, as long as no alteration is made to the articles, and proper credit is given. We specially encourage you to print out the PDF version and distribute paper copies to those without access to the internet.

We welcome submissions of short articles, opinion pieces, poems, art and letters to the editor. In addition, we appreciate your comments about the newsletter - what you like, what you don't, and what you'd like to see us do.


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