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The kapangas of Walter Ferrufino have caused 200,000 dollars to disappear from the APG IG's bank accounts

The descendants of Malinche

The kapangas of Walter Ferrufino have caused 200,000 dollars to disappear from the APG IG's bank accounts.

Their criminal behavior never stops and their attempt to plunder the assets of the APG IG continues and has been going on for several years now.

Marco Antonio Cardozo Gemio (or Jemio)'s activities were rumored after the disclosure of his alleged fraudulent actions at SETAR (Directorate of Electricity Services) of Tarija. Cardozo Gemio practiced as a lawyer despite it being officially confirmed that he is not and has never been a lawyer. (cf. Official certificat in Spanish issued by the Bolivian Ministry of Justice It is therefore inconceivable that justice would not act against such a criminal, since the mere fact that he presented himself before the courts as "jurist", as an authorized representative and as a lawyer, constitutes sufficient grounds for the Office of the Public Attorney, or the Ministry of Justice directly, to intervene.

BG1: Bank statement showing withdrawal of 200.000 USD

This is important as due to his activities, Hugo Arebayo was able to gain access to the APG IG's current accounts, as everyone is well aware. The APG IG was able to revert this situation and subsequently confirmed that a non-negligible amount of 200,000 dollars, around 1,200,000 bolivianos, was missing from the bank accounts of the autochtone organization. (See image BG1.jpg)

BG4: Identity of people who withdrew the money

This amount disappeared from a savings account at the Banco Ganadero of Tarija (see image BG1.jpg which corresponds with the bank statement) and still today it is not known what happened to it. What is known, however, is the identity of the people who withdrew the funds: this information has been provided by the Banco Ganadero to the Guarani MP Jacinto Vega Rivero, at the official request of the latter. From the bank's reply (see image BG4.jpg), it appears that most of the funds were withdrawn by Hugo Arebayo Corimayo and Marco Antonio Cardozo Jemio.

Hugo Arebayo, the false lawyer, Walter Ferrufino and other kapangas must be aware of the destination of the disappeared money, as it has financed and facilitated their illicit activities, including acts of corruption.

According to information gathered in Tarija and Argentina, the police have been investigating a group of drug traffickers since at least the beginning of March this year, to which several of these people belong. The investigation concerns clandestine plantations of marijuana in the vicinity of Entre Rios and Yacuiba, after a new marijuana entry route to Salta and Jujuy in Argentina, using indigenous people from the border region, was also created.

But this is another story that will shortly be the subject of a report in which all the people, who are the subject of this drug trafficking investigation and who are well-known in Entre Rios, will be named. This is not unrelated, as the funds stolen from the APG IG, as well as those obtained through false consultations conducted by the group of Hugo Arebayo, can readily serve as "capital" to finance these illegal, lucrative activities.

[Source: By Irandey Tupapire, correspondent of Radio Nizkor, 25Jul17]

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