Repsol Bolivia says that "The Guaranís of Itika Guasu have enormous potential to determine their own development"

The oil corporation Repsol Bolivia recognises that the agreement signed with the Guaraní people of Itika Guasu for 14.8 million dollars incorporates elements that in other negotiation processes were not taken into account, according to the response received by AINI to an electronic questionnaire sent to the office of Communications and External Relations of the corporation.

As a company, we consider that such agreement incorporates certain avant-guard elements, on behalf of both Repsol and the APG IG, who has demonstrated an enormous potential when it came to ensuring the proper use of their resources and great initiative in determining their own responsible and sustainable development", Repsol said.

According to the company, the agreement reached with the Guaraní people was part of the activities that the company had to carry out in order to operate without problems in the Caipipendi exploitation block.

"The agreement with the people of Itika Guasu is provided for as an activity under the Development Plan of the Caipipendi Block approved by YPFB at the beginning of 2010, a fundamental component for the future growth of the hydrocarbon industry of the country and one of the key elements ensuring that the Bolivian state respect its commitment with Argentina".

Finally, Repsol Bolivia affirms that as part of its engagements to the people of Itika Guasu, it commits "to contribute a sum of money, which is directly related to the investment commitment envisaged in the Development Plan, as is usual in such agreements in this industry at the global level, in accordance with recommendations made by international organisations that are experts in the field".

Likewise, Repsol promised to develop and operate the hydrocarbon project "respecting the highest international standards of Security and Environmental Protection, and keeping the APG IG informed as to the development of the operations every six months, and designating a liaison between the company and the APG IG, who will be responsible for attending to any doubts and questions, that the APG IG might have, and even managing other kinds of support (assessments, technical assistance for projects, etc.) that it might need".

[Source: AINI, Agencia Intercultural de Noticias Indígenas de Bolivia, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, 06Apr11]

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