France, Germany remain in accord on eurozone reform: Sarkozy

French President Nicolas Sarkozy reaffirmed Thursday that there was no discord between him and German Chancellor Angela Merkel over the current financial problems of eurozone, instead they have reached some agreement.

"About my relations with Ms Merkel, we will try all to make it in harmony ... we have no discord," he said at a joint news conference with visiting Prime Minister David Cameron by his side.

Sarkozy said he has a telephone discussion with Merkel this afternoon, during which they have reached an agreement "about new punishment" against those eurozone members whose public deficit was too excess.

Just published a 36-paged document addressing its own budget deficit, the conservative British leader Cameron expressed his support to German and French efforts on regulation reform related to deficits curb.

Sarkozy and Merkel agreed the two states' "positions are closely coordinated in focusing on strengthening stability of eurozone," according to a statement published by the Elysee Palace on the telephone conversation between the two biggest eurozone members.

The statement said the two sides would jointly prepare for the forthcoming European Council on June 17, which aims to adopt the EU strategy of growth, and for the Summit of the G8 and G20 that were expected to be held at the end of June in Canada.

Early in the day, French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde presented her disagreement on Merkel's remarks that "the euro was in danger," asserting "the euro is a solid and credible currency that assured the stability of the zone in over ten years."

However, interviewed by the French radio RTL, the French minister denied speculations that there was distance between the two nations.

"We are in the process of constructing rooms missed in the house of euro and that construction needs a consensus," Lagard said.

According to Elysee Palace, Sarkozy has accepted the invitation of Merkel to visit Berlin on June 7.

[Source: Xinhua, Paris, 21May10]

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