$100 million more sought for Exxon Valdez cleanup

A federal judge in Alaska will hear arguments Friday on whether the Exxon Mobil Corp. owes another $100 million to remove oil remaining on the Prince William Sound shoreline from the 1989 Exxon Valdez tanker spill.

The motion was filed by retired University of Alaska professor Rick Steiner, who is trying to force action on a claim filed in 2006 by the state and federal governments. It argues the oil is degrading too slowly and continues to harm wildlife.

Exxon argues it doesn't owe any more money. It paid $900 million in restitution in a 1991 settlement.

But the settlement also had a clause allowing the state and federal governments to later claim up to $100 million more from Exxon if there were unforeseen damages.

[Source: Forbes, AP, Anchorage, Alaska, 03Mar11]

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