Greece denies report on new EU aid package

Greece denied on Tuesday a Dow Jones report that it expects a new aid package of nearly 60 billion euros ($85.71 billion) to deal with its debt crisis.

"Greece is not holding any discussion on any new aid package," a senior finance ministry official who requested anonymity told Reuters. "Such reports about discussions on new aid are not true."

News agency Dow Jones reported earlier that Athens expected to receive the aid package as soon as next month, saying the new package would cover Greece's projected need of 27 billion euros in extra funds in 2012 and 32 billion in 2013.

After a meeting of select euro zone officials in Luxembourg on Friday, Jean-Claude Juncker, chairman of the Eurogroup of finance ministers of the 17-nation euro area, said there was a consensus that Athens would require a second rescue.

Euro zone officials have said options could include a new extension of maturities on Greece's existing bailout loans, a lower interest rate on those loans and allowing the European rescue fund (EFSF) to buy Greek bonds.

[Source: Reuters, Athens, 10May11]

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