Estonia encourages resurgence of fascism

The proposal by Estonian Prime Minister, Andrus Ansip for the marking of September 22 as a day of resistance, is nothing more than an attempt to rewrite the history of World War 2, in order to whitewash fascism.

September 22 has until now been marked as the Day when the Soviet Army liberated Estonia from German fascism. It makes the proposal by Ansip a sacrilege. Andrus’s suggestion amounts to ideological subversion laced with evil thoughts, in part, rehabilitation of Estonian collaborators who fought on the side of German fascists, in order to accord them the dubious honour of being called freedom fighters. This is what political commentator Vyacheslav Nikonov had to say on the issue.

“Estonian leaders have been pursuing this objective for many years and patriots who fought with the Red Army are portrayed as traitors. Soviet army is regarded as occupying army”, pointed out Nikonov. It explains the removal of the “Bronze Soldier” monument, the yearly march of Estonian SS serfs, the ban on the wearing of Soviet decorations, and the proposal to mark the Day of Soviet army liberation of Tallinn as Day of resistance”, said Nikonov.

All this amounts to attempt to rewrite history of World War 2 which received endorsement at Nuremburg. By attempting to falsify history to suit their political goals, Estonian leaders are creating the conditions for resurgence of Nazism, a development that ought to draw attention of the EU, of which Estonia is a member.

[Source: The Voice of Russia, Moscow, 23Sep08]

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