Israeli servicemen participated in the five-day military operations in South Ossetia

Swedish Defence Research Agency: “Jewish General Gal Hirsh prepared Georgia’s attack plan on Tskhinvali, about 1000 Israeli servicemen participated in the attack”

1000 Israeli servicemen participated in the five-day military operations in South Ossetia, says the study titled "The Caucasian Litmus Test: Consequences and Lessons of the Russian- Georgian War in August 2008" prepared by Swedish Defence Research Agency.

The authors of the study consider that some Israeli servicemen even directly participated in the operations.

The study says that Israeli general Gal Hirsh was among thousands of Georgian servicemen who entered the territory of South Ossetia. Gal Hirsh is the person who prepared Israel’s military operations in Lebanon. Swedish Defence Research Agency says that General Gal Hirsh prepared technical points of Georgia’s operation in Tskhinvali.

Swedish experts link high-level relations between Tel Aviv and Georgia to Israel’s preparing attack to Iran and its intention to use Georgia as place of arms.

“According to the agreement reached between Tbilisi and Tel Aviv, Georgia rented two military aerodromes to Israel. Israeli fighter jets, which will take off from these aerodromes, will make air attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities,” they say.

The study notes that another interest of Tel Aviv in Georgia is connected with oil transit line.

“Israel buys 20 percent of the oil produced in Azerbaijan’s oil fields. This oil is delivered to Adana port through Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline and Israel is interested in the pipeline’s operation,” the study says.

Svenska Dagbladet newspaper writes that Moscow is aware of Israeli servicemen’s participation in the military operations in South Ossetia, but has not publicized this fact in order not to damage bilateral relations with this country.

[Source: Azeri Press Agency, Tbilisi, 23Sep08]

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