Russia Promotes Cooperation With Latin America

Russia promotes mutually beneficial cooperation with the Latin American countries. This is witnessed by the visit to Cuba and Venezuela of the Russia delegation led by Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin. Judging by signed agreements, the Russian business enters the South American market actively.

The head of the delegation described the relations with the two countries as economic ties, which are based on partnership and cooperation by taking into mutual interests. The Russia delegation discussed cooperation in such areas as energy, agriculture, pharmaceutics and transport. The transport area concerns workers in railway, air transport, ship building and automobile industry.

Russian delegation arrived in Havana on the way to Venezuela. The reason was to agree on the volume of humanitarian and economic aid that will be needed for Cuba to overcome the consequences of the devastating hurricanes. This concerns first and foremost the restoration of power supply and delivery of food from Russia. According to Cuba, the Cubans value highly aid from the old friend, who has never left them in trouble.

The high level bilateral commission met in the Venezuelan capital Caracas. Speaking after the meeting Igor Sechin said that Russia and Venezuela had established cooperation in several areas, including energy, shipbuilding, automobile industry, education, science and culture. Russian companies are actively involved in developing oil and gas fields and are engaged in the development of the Latin American gas pipeline project.

Experts say that the active entry of Russian business into the Latin American market helps national economies of the countries achieving progress. This is important also for strengthening integration. Urgency of Latin American solidarity confirms the latest developments in Bolivia where Washington scenario of shaking political systems of the continent is being staged. Concerning the sense of the scenario a political scientist, Dr. Boris Martynov has this to say:

"The strategy worked out by American academic circles and the state department is directed at establishing so-called regulating chaos and aimed at preventing fast developing countries from uniting and consolidating. Washington plans to control the chaos as far as possible."

Naturally, the countries in the region are determined to stand against this scenario. The dynamic growth of South America confirms the thesis about multi-polar world, which is impossible to control by one centre.

[Source: The Voice of Russia, Moscow, 17Sep08]

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