Orthodox Ukrainians to hold another sacred procession against engaging the country into NATO

The Fourth All-Ukrainian Sacred Procession of the Orthodox and patriotic public against engaging Ukraine into NATO will be held in Kiev on Monday, September 22.

The procession will begin at noon from St. Assumption Cathedral of the Kiev Monastery on the Caves, pass through the city center stopping for prayers at the Verkhovna Rada, government administration, President's Secretariat, and Foreign Ministry Office, and will finish at the building of the arbitrage court which will address the claim of the Orthodox community to the authorities on illegal engagement of Ukraine into NATO, the all-Ukrainian Orthodox Choice public association reported Friday to Interfax-Religion.

"As a NATO member Ukraine will be turned into a NATO base against our Orthodox brothers, people of Russia and Belorussia. The West may at any moment use it in its offensive plans to initiate military actions in any point of the world," the event organizers said.

The Orthodox Choice representative believe that a real threat to become a NATO member arose "as a result of whipping up anti-Russian hysteria in Ukraine and the West after Russia has faced off Georgian aggressors in Tskhinvali and recognized the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia."

The participants of the process will once again demand that the authorities recall the letter concerning the initiation of the plan of Ukraine's membership in NATO.

They will also support the initiative of people's deputies to declare impeachment to President Viktor Yuschenko "for his actions to involve Ukraine into NATO and organizing an unbridled anti-Russian campaign" and demand to initiate early Parliament and President elections in Ukraine.

[Source: Interfax, Kiev, 19Sep08]

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