USA Continues ABM Build-up

The U.S. Senate has taken a decision on the establishment of one more radar station, with the name of the country remaining a top secret. Anatoly Potapov has these comments.

As you might remember, the U.S. missile defence system includes a radar unit in the Czech Republic, which, due to its capacity, makes it possible to carry out the surveillance of the Russian territory even outside the Ural Region. The U.S. missile defence system includes a missile base and 10 interceptor missiles in Poland, which is Russia’s neighbour. This system has been set up in Alaska as well. The new state, where one more radar will be placed, has not been named. Russia’s intelligence circles are of the opinion that what is meant here is the State of Israel. Besides, according to information that is at Russia’s disposal, the USA plans to set up a missile defence base in Japan as well. Experts believe that as soon as it is established, it will be possible to carry out the surveillance of the regions where Russia’s strategic missiles are based, and also the surveillance of the Chinese and North Korean territories.

By Thursday’s visit of the Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov to Poland Moscow has demonstrated that, despite the acute situation that has emerged – meaning that a U.S. missile base will be set up in Poland – Moscow is ready to maintain normal relations with Russia’s neighbour. And still, during the talks Sergei Lavrov held in Poland he told his Polish partners that Poland’s decision on a missile defence base is a serious blunder. Naturally, if Russia see in it a threat to its national security, its answer will be adequate. It would be good to mention here that if Poland had not given its consent to the deployment of a U.S. missile base in exchange for the allocation of considerable finances by the USA for the protection of its security, Washington would have been ready to hold talks on the establishment of a missile defence base in Lithuania. The vice-president of the Russian Academy of Geopolitical Problems Konstantin Sivkov says:

The work is being done to put military-forceful pressure on the Russian Federation. And this should be clearly understood, Konstantin Sivkov says. The USA continues to resolve the tasks of surrounding Russia all along its perimeter with a system of missile bases, for the purpose of ousting it from its ocean frontiers. The main objective of what is being currently done is to ensure the right to use nuclear diktat against Russia in case of need, the expert says in conclusion.

What the expert says is, as it appears, a simplified understanding of such a possibility – the possibility to use a nuclear diktat against Russia and to surround it all along its perimeter with a system of the U.S. missile bases. It is absolutely clear that Russia has all the necessary means to give an adequate answer to any attempts of forceful pressure. Russia is determined to provide protection for its national security against any threat from the outside, if need be, as Anatoly Potapov points out in his commentary.

[Source: The Voice of Russia, Moscow, 12Sep08]

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