Societies Cannot be Reordered by Military Force: PM

In a veiled reference to certain events in the Mideast and North Africa, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today said societies cannot be reordered from outside through military force.

Singh also said the international community has a role to play in assisting in the processes of transition and institution building, but the idea that prescriptions have to be imposed from outside is "fraught with danger."

The Prime Minister made these remarks while addressing the United Nations General Assembly(UNGA) session.

"The observance of the rule of law is as important in international affairs as it is within countries. Societies cannot be reordered from outside through military force. People in all countries have the right to choose their own destiny and decide their own future," he said.

Singh further said actions taken under the authority of the United Nations must respect the unity, territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of individual states.

Foreign Secretary Ranjan Mathai told reporters the Prime Minister's views that societies cannot be reordered from outside through military force was not intended to any one specific situation.

It was a generalised response to a trend that was seen in Libya when the UNSC passed a resolution where there was an intended campaign of extending one-sided support, he added.

[Source: Press Trust of India, UN, 24Sep11]

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