Algeria warns against foreign intervention in region through Libyan conflict

Algeria Foreign Minister Mourad Medelci warned of the existence of foreign forces seeking to break the region through the Libyan crisis, stressing Algeria's rejection to any foreign intervention under any pretext.

Medelci told local Echorouk newspaper in an interview posted on Monday that "if we compare Libya and some other Arab countries, we would conclude that as soon as the Libyan conflict was sparked, foreign forces intervened, contrary to what happened in Tunisia and Egypt. "

He warned that "the split of Libya may be a target of some forces," yet he praised "the position of Libyans, either in Benghazi or in Tripoli, who insist on keeping Libya united."

Medelci said Algeria fears Libya to become "a new Iraq or Afghanistan."

The fear is increasing, because terrorism takes advantage of the spread of weapons. Al-Qaida has recently announced the establishment of several emirates in Libya, he said.

Algeria has warned for several times that the proliferation of weapons in Libya would lead to an escalation of terrorist attacks in the region.

Medelci further added that his country has paid a high price to restore its security, political and economy stability, stressing that "the repercussions of what happening in Libya is perceived on neighboring countries, Algeria included."

The official warned that the deteriorating security situation in Libya can encourage terrorist activities in the region which would have disastrous consequences on all neighboring countries.

Medelci reiterated Algeria's position for a political solution to end the crisis in Libya. "Libya's unity should be achieved by the Libyan themselves, without any foreign intervention. Libyans can do it in the interest of the people, in the interest of reconciliation between them, and in the interest of the whole region. The political solution is still the only way out to the crisis," Medelci said.

As for the possibility that the transitional council would take power in Libya, Medelci said "For now, we don't think it's possible," adding "I want to seize this opportunity to hail Algeria's stand regarding Libya's unity, no matter what side comes to power."

Medelci said his country wholly backs the African Union's mediation drive to find an early solution to the current conflict in Libya.

[Source: Xinhua, Algiers, 25Apr11]

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